AO: Kodiak

When: 01/29/2020


Number of Pax: 8

Pax Names: Bloodhound, Dig-Em, Floppy, Haggis, Hombre, Homeboy, Legionnaire, Miyagi,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Hombre

The BackBlast:


The Mother Ship is always where it’s at…fond memories of my F3 birthplace, struggles and gallons of sweat.  Whenever I see an opportunity to Q here I try and take it.


Quick run around some islands and then circle up in the driveway in front of the stadium for…….

– 20 count Mountain Climbers (which were rudely interrupted by a car which wanted to gain access)

– 20 count SSH

– 10 count Windmill

– Lunge Stretch R/L

– Lunges 10 per side

– 10 OYÓ Sit Throughs

The Thang:

Run to the front of the parking lot to a well lit corner for 10 more STs
OYÓ to partner up and perform 3 rounds of 10 reps each of Partner Rows / BBSUs   And finish our with another 10 OYÓ STs

Mosey to the HS wall and divide into 2 groups of 4 – one group to work at THE WALL and the other at the island for 110 seconds ON / 20 seconds OFF and then switch locations for a total of 3 rounds of AMRAPed reps of each exercise at each location 10 reps each:

donkey kicks/russian flutter kicks

mike tysons/iron mike

Mosey to space 370 for 370’s….  but before OYÓ STs.
370s:  from space 370 sprint 5 spaces and back adding 5 spaces each time until you reach space 400 in suicide fashion.

Mosey to the front corner for another round of OYÓ STs.   Then with your original partner BROFROGS back to the flag.  At the flag 20 OYÓ STs.

Tabata Mountain Climbers

Recover jog around and back to the flag to finish out a full minute of OYÓ STs.


– Homeboy’s cold and ankle, WonderWoman’s continued recovery, Haggis’ wife settling in and the upcoming boy baby, DigEm’s family reconciliation, my job situation.

Naked Man Moleskin:

Frankly speaking, the mumblechatter was not what I expected.  Not enough grumbling….  I did add plenty of material for the PAX to voice objections, some did, but not too bad.  I was pleased when there was embarrassment while at the front lighted area where we performed for all to see the always awkward partner rows and monkey humpers.   I did hear mention of this possibly being the most “sexual” beatdown ever?!

Legionnaire still complaining about a bad back (old age) and his long winded story about a chap who looked like his grandpaw but was ONLY 48! Haggis performs his Donkey Kicks with the real intent of destroying THE WALL but he did blast it with a HUGE flatuation with the force of a thunderclap!  Homeboy faking a MERLOT to attempt to get sympathy.  Indestructible Floppy with his never ending SMILE.  STEADY-EDDIE Miyagi always reliable for an interesting story, solid facts and great coffee.   ElasticMan DigEm really does absorb his endless supply of energy from oxygen – you can’t wear him out!  Can’t say anything bad about Bloodhound or I might die in my sleep in some strange un accounted for cause.

Making fun of the number of Sit Throughs?  Well, repetition will make you master them.  Lots of them with strengthen your core and work many parts of your body.  The icing on the cake was that it molested Homeboy’s weak ankle.

It was a pleasure to be with you all this morning.   You make me a better, stronger man, and sometimes I do feel like I’m getting to be wiser in some aspects.

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