AO: League

When: 02/23/2022


Number of Pax: 22

Pax Names: Aquaman, Bandana, Brimstone, Coco, Giddy, Hass, Lt. Dan, Lurch, Matter, Myrtle, Panhandle, Peffercorn, Pulte, Scoby, Show Pony, Tear Away, Ten Key, Waldo, Westside, Woody,

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: Doodle

QIC: Westside

Capture the Disc

Field split on the 50 and disc was placed in each endzone circle. First to the circle yelled “Ultimate” and then we played Ultimate until someone scored. If you were tagged on the opposing side of the field then you went to jail until you were freed.

The mornings highlights from Brimstone:
It was fun!! Way to stick to it, but also know your crowd and adjust on the fly :joy:Those sprints were brutal. Somehow I got in the circle twice. But that was after getting punched in the face the first time as a “tag” :joy:At least the arguing was at a minimum! That was surprising. Maybe it was because we kept trying to let @10-Key and @Show Pony get the disc so we could play ultimate…Lots of newer young faces today! Keep coming out guys! @Show Pony and @Aquaman need to learn your names!Congrats on that MVP @Lurch! Sorry @Brant Fountain (Prairie) didn’t bring the trophy back for you.Welcome @Doodle! Played great today. Knew it was going to be good when he started out the game doing two barrel rolls.Great to see @Mater and @Lt. Dan back out there!And welcome to @Tear Away @Coco!! Keep coming back!

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