AO: Colosseum

When: 03/22/2021


Number of Pax: 11

Pax Names: BailBond, Careless Whisper, Doughboy, Dr Tron, Gringo, High Dive, koi, Mr Holland, Space Cadet, Tulip, Viceroy,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Doughboy

Cricket helped us discover the stairs last week, so why not use them again this week!

  • ¬†Warm-o-rama
    • SSH
    • Imperial Walkers
    • Windmill
    • Weed Picker
    • Phelps
  • Main thang
    • Counted off into 2 groups
    • DORA style
    • First group runs up 3 flights of stairs and does 10 burpees. Plank on the 6. Come down as a group.
    • While the first group goes up and does burpees, the other group does 10 of each exercise in high tempo cadence. Rinse and Repeat when finished with the list.
      • Dips
      • Imperial walker
      • Merkins
      • Squats
      • LBCs
      • Pulsing lunge
      • Leg raises
      • Hillbilly walker
    • Mosey’d back to the flag – 6 minutes of Mary
  • COT
    • Bail Bond was our 6th man – praying that his kids know Jesus and are led by Jesus
    • Koi is moving this Saturday and needs help.
    • Family Ruck this Friday night in downtown Woodstock. See Slack for details
  • Ended with coffee and cupcakes from the bakery!

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