AO: Arena

When: 09/23/2021


Number of Pax: 6

Pax Names: Driftwood, Escargot, Honeydo, Jack Bauer, Rubberneck, Test Tube,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Rubberneck

Mosey down to the turf field.


  • Side Straddle Hops IC
  • Weed Pickers IC
  • Sun Gods OYO
  • Michael Phelps OYO

The Thang

Indian Run

4 laps around outside lines of the field. If Indian runner doesn’t catch the front before a turn, it’s a 5 burpee penalty. Unfortunate luck for Escargot on this…

Gut Buster

**Field Width – exercise —> sprint down & back. Hold plank on the six for each exercise**

  • 10 jump squats
  • 10 big boy sit ups
  • 10 burpees
  • 10 push-ups
  • 10 lunges
  • 10 side straddle hops

Terrible 10’s

** Split into two groups. One group on each goal line**

  • Alternate between squats and merkins on each goal line
  • Start at 10 reps and work down to 1


Mosey back to the flag for 20 IC flutter kicks



  • Speed for Need (MUST fundraiser) on Oct 2.
  • Prayed for PAX traveling for fall break and those dealing with COVID & other sickness.

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