When: 04/13/2022


Number of Pax: 6

Pax Names: Happy Ending, Hotzi, Icy Hot, Sting, Surf N Turf, Vanilli,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names: na

QIC: Vanilli

According to Masterclass, the 3 Act structure of a play is used to divide the story up into distinct sections. Each act is anchored around a plot point that is supposed to drive the action. Over the course of the whole play, a story emerges. That was the inspiration for today’s beatdown. YHC hoped to inspire in Act I, elevate in Act II and spur to greatness in Act III. In reality, it went as follows:

Exhaust in Act I,¬†Crush (the spirit) in Act II, Push to the edge of Merlot in Act III. At least, that’s how I experienced my own BD.

Pre-warm-o-rama: A lively discussion broke out over the true provenance of Hotzi’s name and the extent of the Urban Dictionary’s usefulness in parenting.

Warm-o-Rama: We ran a lap around the inside of the Amphitheater, almost losing Surf-n-Turf in the process. We circled up for some side straddle hops, imperial walkers, weed pickers and Michael Phelps.


Act I (11’s)
Stage backwall hand stand shoulder taps 2 count, starting at 1. Run up the stairs to the building wall across the parking lot for wall chair sits (one rep = 5 Mississippi), starting at 50 seconds. We tossed in 3 burpees per round to get the shoulders feeling right. I must note here that Happy E. and Icy Hot, with their manicured hands and high-toned sensibilities, did their burpees in the grass. The other gentlemen stuck to the pavement. We cut this Act a bit short to move along to:

Act II (11’s)
Muricans on one side of center grass, starting at 1. Jog across the grass to the other side for BBSU’s, starting at 10. Then, Bernie Sanders back. A couple of studs finished more quickly (that’s what she said) and then joined the 6 to wrap it up. It was then on to:

Vanilli sprints. Sprint the length of the grass between center sidewalks, then rest and repeat every 30 seconds for 14 sprints.

We moseyed back to the flag for a final 30 seconds of flutters led by Surf-n-Turf.

COT: 6 man Sting told us of his misspent youth wandering the country, as well as his time as a Commune-ist. Prayers for Sting’s son as he figures out his future path and for Surf-N-Turf’s brother, who is going through a rough 6 months.

Coffee and pickleball banter rounded out the morning. It was a treat to be in the Dawn with these fine Pax.

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