What happens in the Woodshed stays in the Woodshed

Dates: 2020-01-04

Where: woodshed

QIC: Brady Bunch

Number of Pax: 5

Pax Names: Biff, Mall Cop, Dump Truck, Jack Bauer, Brady Bunch

Warm-O-Rama: Grabbed a coupon (cinder block) and walked to the tennis courts. Alternated holding block over head with curls. We did a quick warmup: SSHs, weed pickers, sungods and Michael Phelps. Then we got busy,

The Thang: Wall of pain style workout with the coupons. Here’s the list: hallelujah squats, side-to-side merkins, American hammers, curls, Agassis —- again, all with cinders in hand! — overhead press, lunges, the all new weed picker merkins, and last but not least big boy sit-ups. That’s right, we don’t mess around. It’s all business! We basically went down the list. There wasn’t any counting. While 4 of us were doing the reps, the 5th pax was doing a farmers carry with two blocks around two tennis courts. When he returned to the start, we switched to the next exercise and the next pax did the carry. There was very little grumbling, although there was a great deal of clarification needed that we were doing this for the whole hour.
I caved because of the whining and we stopped, grabbed the coupons and headed back to the flag. We lost Dump Truck for a minute as he stayed behind to clean press a block in each hand. At the flag we circled up for about 7minutes of merry. About 20 each of flutter kicks, Carolina dry docks, crunchy frogs, lbc’s and one more infamous exercise. The Pax who led this shall remain nameless for security reasons. We did 30 old school Jane Fonda leg lifts. You read right! On our sides! Lifting legs up 30 times each leg. Refer to photo. It was painful. And we were praying the guys from Wartown didn’t stroll up. We finished free and clear of any verbal punishment. And as the saying goes what happens in the ‘shed stays in the ‘shed”. For obvious reasons.

COT: Biff shared a little about him self and asked for prayer for patience and wisdom with the kids, as kids can be challenging. We prayed for Biff, sherapova and everyone’s relationships with families.

Naked Man Moleskin: I wasn’t sure I could fill a whole hour of the beat down. But I learned that if the reps are hard enough time will fly by. Grumbling and all. Had a blast with the pax. Can’t think of a better way to cause pain than with my bro’s!

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