Got the morning started with a little ruck/run forplay with Geek Squad, Aquaman, and Misty. Then the calvary showed up…

Dates: 2020-01-10

Where: crossroads

QIC: Z93

Number of Pax: 19

Pax Names: aquaman, matchstick, snap-on, pitchfork, x files, hank hill, misty, legionnaire, rest stop, yogi, quagmire, geek squad, katniss, carmen san diego, alcoa, deep dish, pelosi, harp, z93

Warm-O-Rama: SSH

Go get a coupon and partner up...

The Thang: (using the spinning FIA wheel Alcoa’s M made)

Group 1 spins the wheel and preforms an AMRAP of whatever exercise it lands on while...
Group 2 runs the 300m-400m lap around the parking lot and tags off when they return.

Exercise listed and preformed were

40 SSH
Shoulder Press w/ coupon
Overhead squat w/ coupon
Lunge w/ coupon
Sprint 1 lap (group 1 was the only group to land on this)

COT: -Prayers for men traveling to Missouri for the firefighters funeral and for his family
-Prayers for Sharapova’s M
-Prayers for Legionnaire’s sister
-Prayers for Pitchfork’s cousin’s continued healing

Naked Man Moleskin: Having this many PAX at a beatdown is always a blast. We got stronger and almost hit 3 miles. Some notes...

- Aquaman crushed the day by kicking it all off with a 0445 pre-run. Good job homie! Your safe here with this fellow Falcons fan.

- Matchstick was always in the lead on the run, unless Alcoa found another gear to race him to the finish.

- Speaking of Alcoa...thanks for loaning me the wheel! Too bad you shaved your beard and I can no longer trust you.

- great to see Snap-on out. The last time we posted together, it was for a 12 mile run at the Witch on T’giving. Pretty sure we’ve finally recovered.

- I was not in Pitchfork’s group, but based on the “Eatin Booty” and “Meat Whistles” and the Teeth movie poster on slack, I can only imagine what I missed.

- Xfiles was my “partner” even tho I never saw him during the workout. Great job any way my man!

- Hank Hill keeps the chatter going yet always finishes first in the run. A freak of nature.

- Misty showed up at 0445 to get some miles in before. He was also the 6th man and informed us on how he got his name. Cool to think that he started the whole “naming guys chicks names because it’s hilarious & ironic”...thanks for paving the way Misty! You’re a damn good Dawg 💪

- Legionnaire said “that what she said” after everything I said during the beatdown.

- Pretty sure I see Rest Stop every day of the week now and I’m cool with that. Nicest guy in F3 not named Good Hands.

- Yogi...great job man. You’ll always be my favorite St Louis Cardinal fan.

- Good seeing Quagmire becoming a regular (again?) at the crossroads. Another damn good Dawg.

- Good to ruck with Geek Squad beforehand too. Shows his commitment to drive from Woodstock to (basically) Forsyth county for a beatdown.

- Every time I see Katniss I remember him trying to decapitate me with a frisbee a few months ago. For real tho, awesome having you out for sure!

- Can always count on our resident representative of the F3 nation, Carmen San Diego to be at the crossroads and putting in that work!

- Deep dish is also another consistent Crossroader...dude always keeps grinding until 6:15. Great job my man!

- Pelosi is strong and awesome to post with but he hates my music. I will make sure I do better next time as I aim to please. (unless it’s country...f*** that)

- Nice job Harp! Next time you wanna Q the crossroads and break out the jump ropes I’d be DOWN! Great reliving some SevenDust memories at the end. Fellow music head!

That’s the group and my 2 cents. 👊

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