The second annual 1/1 Convergence promised rucking, frisbee, old school beatdown, a polar bear plunge and 10K. What could be a better way to start the new year?

Dates: 2020-01-01

Where: other

QIC: Babyface, Bloodhound, C4, LawDog

Number of Pax: 51

Pax Names: Homeboy, BoSox, Pelosi, Hass, Secret, Lizard King, Panhandle, Chancellor, G-String, Rest Stop, Twinkle Toes, Bagger, Gut Check, The Mole, 8Bit, Chops, Misty, Bloomers, Promise Ring, Dory, Saluki, Fooseball, Maako, Kiffin, TurtleHead, Cricket, Mall Cop, Carmen Sandiego, Trill, Sgt Slaughter, Drumstick, Snap on, Lucky Charms, Dump Trunk, Yukon Cornelieus, Snot Rocket, Tinder, Zillow, Woody, Speilberg, Garfield, Spock, Hasbro, Deep Dish, Mouth 2 Mouth, C4, Babyface, LawDog, Bloodhound, Suckles, Exile

Warm-O-Rama: Run to the field for IW, MP, and Windmill all to 20 incadence because it is 2020.

The Thang: We divided up into for groups to rotate from station to station lead by the 4 OGs for some f3 classics.

1st Station - YHC took the pax to the bridge for some 20s. It is just like 11s except its 20s because its 2020. (Well for the first group, the next 3 went back to 11s for time). Merkins and Squats where the playlist running across the bridge in between reps.
2nd Station - C4 took the Pax to school with Burpicides across the field. First was standard, second was back peddling, third was partner carry. About 45 burpees total.
3rd Station - Babyface rotated between Dora 123 and Blimps. Dora had traditional exercises for one group and Dry Docks, Monkey Humpers, and Big Boys. Blimps had Blimps.
4th Station - Bloodhound took the pax on a Route 66 inspired trip around the walking path stopping at every light pole for exercises. Burpees, Starjumps, Merkins, Monkey Humpers, and Burpees. Yep mostly Burpees.

All told the Pax ran about 3 miles.

COT: Big Thanks to Babyface, C4, and Bloodhound. With YHC, these Pax were part of F3 Alpha prior to the planting the Kodiak flag. Babyface took the lead in planting that Flag with the help of Bloodhound and C4. YHC tagged along for the fun and have enjoyed every minute of it.

There were many prayers mentioned from surgeries, deaths, family life stuff, and many I am sure that were not mentioned. We prayed for God to guide us and make us better men.

Naked Man Moleskin: Convergences are great. Its always great to meet new Pax and see old Pax again. One of the Best things about F3 is that once you have worked out with a man in the gloom, carried him on your back, ben carried on his back, or any number of other hard things, you become friends. Even if you only see each other once in a while at a convergence beatdown, you have fun.
Good to see Promise Ring back from College. Clearly he is not doing the same things I did in college because he is still leading the pax on every exercise and making good grades. So much for him gaining the Freshman 15 unless its pure muscle. Although technically he is now a Junior because of how many credits he got in high school.
Pax, manly the ruckers, warned YHC about the bridge being iced over. YHC just re-explained the disclaimer and off we went ice or no ice. YHC does appreciate all the pax knocking the Frost off the Bridge so that during the 10K it was much better to run on.
YHC heard several moans and groans from the 2, 3, and 4th groups. Apparently they were all glad I did not have any burpees on the schedule.
Backpeddling during the Burpicides was another leg burner complaint. C4 somehow did four rounds of that.
Bloodhound was in charge of the Whistle. No One can blame YHC for the Burpees this time, he could not hear my mumble chatter from the bridge.
Classic routines are classic for a reason. OGs are OGs for a reason.
HB did what HB does. He scared away some Rando who was just trying to walk in the park without some guy screaming at him and starring him down and asking you want to work out with me bro. Then Rando saw Bloodhound and decide it was time to leave. I think the Rando was Manning in Disguise. He must have over slept the beatdown and wanted to make sure he knew HB was ok. Attached at the hip creeper and all.
7 Pax ran the 10K after the beatdown. YHC thinks there was others, but not sure because Suckles was not waiting for the COT and took off right at 8am. As the group crossed the bridge we heard the howling from Fooseball and SnotRockett washing away 2019 in the river. 32 degrees out side, yep, that was a good idea.


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