Blackops predawn road race without Manning, hell yeah!

Dates: 2020-01-04

Where: black_ops

QIC: LuckyCharms

Number of Pax: 4

Pax Names: Mandals, Oddjob, Office Party, LuckyCharms

Warm-O-Rama: Nada

The Thang: Plan was to run Starbucks to Starbucks
Went as planned

COT: Selfishly prayed for my marriage and the guidance from god for us all to be better husbands

Naked Man Moleskin: Top 10 anyone?

10. Seems the water pack back has become a thing for the elderly as Oddjob was sporting a nice new bladder bag.

9. On the other hand Office party took the jansport shaming to heart and left it at home

8. See #9, someone without a bag Office part still pulled out a protein bar every mile or so. Hmm? I asked Oddjob if he saw anything get pulled out of a balloon but he could neither confirm or deny.

7. Hey Dig’em - have you met Mandals - that could be you when you grow up.

6. Lot of talk about #2. Where and when, before, after or during a workout. Did I mention we lost office party? When nature calls. Shame we waited outside the wrong gas station before Oddjob realized a QT is not Racetrac.

5. Lot of chatter on slack last night about hills and trails and old men. Oddjob got shamed for calling himself old, Kiffin reminded us all he’s 80 and somehow Geppetto took crap for having baby bones. I don’t even wanna ask a follow up question to that one.

4. Shame we couldn’t get scamper or Westside or trill out today. All 3 like to run but all 3 had some BS excuses for today. Trill was the only smart one and piled on like 4 excuses so I couldn’t expose the flaw in just one.

3. I quietly made reference to Mandals taking a run on HIMOTY for 2020 and he graciously said he doesn’t do it for the awards. He also said he would gladly accept the cash equivalent of that half cinderblock should he ever win so he can purchase more wild grains for his bread machine.

2. Office Party didn’t stick around for the CoT cause he had to prove he was better than us and run some more. I secretly think he was missing his Jansport and wanted to go spend quality time with it or maybe that last protein bar was stuck in an uncomfortable place.

1. Seems like 2020 blackops is gonna be decided by Oddjob. The OGs want him for their possee but he’s a Bridgemiller at heart. He might be single and ready to mingle but his wisdom is needed on the Westside. Stay tuned to see how this plays out and see if Manning is just using Oddjob to make HB jealous.

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