Going the full-body workout this morning.

Dates: 2020-01-11

Where: hurt_locker

QIC: Bloodhound

Number of Pax: 9

Pax Names: Misty, Isle 7, Xfiles, Popup, Dr. Thunder, FNG (Air Max), Lucky Charms, Red Hat, Bloodhound

Number of FNGs: 1

FNG Names: Air Max

Warm-O-Rama: Mosed to the Snack Shack
Misty led em in some SSH, Weed Pickers
I dialled in the Musak

The Thang: Main set:
 100 Jumping Jacks
 30 Burpees
 10 Burpee pull-ups
 20 Pull-ups
 30 Box Jumps
 30 Overhead Sandbag Throws
 100 Sit-ups
 30 Bodyweight Squats
 30 Sidekicks (each side)
 30 Lunges
 30 Sandbag Curls
 30 Sandbag Skull Crushers
 30 High Knees, each leg
 30 Squat Jumps
 3 x 25’ yard bear crawl

Run 10 minutes around the parking lot doing various run routines

COT: TAPS went out to all the men of Cherokee and their families.
Strive to be a great husband, father, and friend.

Naked Man Moleskin: Nice and Not Cold morning today. Misty, Babyface and I got in an early 6-mile pre-run.
I got to break in another FNG and it looks like I didn't scare him off. Welcome Air Max.

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