Great day at the Vineyard. With our coupons in the clown car, I dropped off Bosox and Godaddy at the flag and went to set up. I found the steepest part of our Grapes of Wrath hill and dropped off our (bigger than yours) coupons.

Dates: 2020-01-16

QIC: Mouth-2-Mouth

Number of Pax: 8

Pax Names: Godaddy, Pitchfork, Trill, Tiny Tat, Lexi, Bosox, doddy, mouth-2-mouth

Warm-O-Rama: 15 SSH IC
10 Weed Picker IC
10 Mountain Man Poopers
Sun gods OYO

The Thang: Diego (Dora the explorer's cousin) - Similar to Dora 1, 2, 3 but just tougher... Same partner situation but the exercises are as follows:
50 - Man Makers
100 - 'Merkins
150 - Overhead press w/ block
200 - Block Curls
250 - LBC
300 - Squats w/ Block
Partner 2 ran to the top of the hill did 1 burpee and 1 star jump. These increased by one each time a partner when up the hill. Thanks for the idea Westside) after realizing we were about to be doing just as many star jumps as everything else, we modified to start count back down after 10.

COT: Prayed

Naked Man Moleskin: This Q started as just a Diego in the parking lot. After reading that Pitchfork was visiting, it grew. apparently the cinder blocks I found under my deck are bigger than a regular cinder block. according to the PAX this morning.

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