Average age of the PAX was about 78, with 5 of 10 demanding RESPECT. Still we hit the track for some speed work that would make The Mole proud.

Dates: 01/08/2020

Where: kodiak

QIC: Floppy

Number of Pax: 10

Pax Names: Cricket, Manning, Kiffin, Legionnaire, DigEm, Haggis, Tebow, Gandhi, Dory, Floppy

Warm-O-Rama: Manning says Let's Mosey at 05:29:59. Not your Q Bro!

Mosey to the track, 1/2 way around, and to the 50 yard line, circle up
20x Goofballs
15x SSH
12x Windmills
Sun Gods, Michael Phelps and Quagmires with instructions for the beatdown

The Thang: Thang 1: Speed work on the Track
4x100 with stops along the way for
- 15 Burpees
- 30 Dips on the benches
- 40 Merkins
- Finish with Mary while waiting for the SIX
- One more round of Mary then recover
2x200 with stops along the way for
- 30 Dips
- Same Mary strategy
400 Meter Dash (no mosey)
- More Mary
2x200 just like before
4x100 just like before, but with 10 Burpees

15 + 10 = 25 Burpees for an even 250 from the Kodiak PAX for the Sharapova challenge

But then...

Thang 2: Nobody said anything about Burpicides
1 Burpee in place, run to 25
2 Burpees, run back
3 Burpees, run to 50
4 Burpees, run back
5 Burpees to finish

Thang 3:
Indian run for the remaining time

Back to the Flag for last bit of Mary

COT: Prayers for YHC's neighbors, the Nickles family.
Prayers for our military and leaders of our country, our kids who hearing news from social media etc.
Praise for Dixie Chick's successful surgery and prayer for speedy recovery.
Prayers for marriages among F3.

Naked Man Moleskin: Strange writing 2020 in the beatdown date. Living in the freakin' future.
So where do I start?
Turns out Haggis is a closet Bachelor fan, shows up for group pre-runs doing them solo, and leads some kind of Scottish Monkey Humpers.
Legionnaire... telling stories about bald Poosies... just does not sound cool when you say it like that.
DigEm hopefully got his money's worth today, full leg tattoos and all.
Tebow rolls in at 0529 and leaves at 0617.
Manning launching a tirade of F bombs today, no particular reason.
Gandhi (Kotter status) back for the first time since his trip to India and ladder injury. Missed ya' brother welcome back!
Cricket almost pulls an Elvis. On Elvis' birthday!!! He would've been 85 today, so he fits in with this group of PAX.
Dory all business on the pre-run jamming solo with headphones, screw you guys no 2nd F for you!
Kiffin not a fan of speed work. Good at it. But not a fan.
YHC trying to do math on the Mosey.... talking to myself... So 250 burpees, divided by 10 guys, how many is that?

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