Misty requested a Q from YHC…well because I was the only one at the Kodiak on Monday who had ever been to MW with Misty and he really wasn’t asking me, he was asking the Pax. But hey, running beatdowns are easy to Q. You show up and run and today’s Q proved it was really that easy as long as someone else in the group knows where you are.

Dates: 2020-01-08

Where: morningwood

QIC: LawDog

Number of Pax: 8

Pax Names: Chitwood, C4, Graffiti, Visor, Snap-On, Yogi, Double D, LawDog

Warm-O-Rama: Stretched on your own time in your own way. Personally, I drink my coffee before the beatdowns

The Thang: YHC head of this place called Hoodmont. Never been, SO I though we would run there. It was a lot bigger than I realized and many more side-streets. Luckily, YHC has a great leadership development process providing multiple Pax with the opportunity to step up and lead. Chitwood, immediately took control of one group, while C4 and Cody took the other. Ran all through Hoodmont and back across to the right side of the tracks. One group got in north of 4.5 while the other got somewhere close to 5.

COT: Prayers for our 2.0s as they grow and take on the challenges of growing up.

Naked Man Moleskin: Chitwood drove his clown car with several Hoodites in tow and immediately clomplainned that he would have just waited in his driveway had he known we were going right back. Once the running started, he was happy to be a tour guide pointing out all the pax who lived over there. Only Zillow got the special monkey humper solute infront of his house because Chitwood said he HC'd and then Fartsacked but would be awake anyway.
Graffiti posted for the first time in a while. Welcome back and solid run
Don't monkey hump around Double D. Just trust me.
Chitwood really needs to look for a better paint crew for his house. It was the hoodiest of hoods in hoodmont. In other news, Graffiti is going to make some necessary reorganization changes and Chitwood is back on cleanup crew only.

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