Hasbro here. Gut Check being the 2019 HIM OTY is out shaking hands and kissing babies. He don’t got time to be writing back-blasts. Also, this is how I’m going to ensure I post 100 times in 2020. So there’s that.

Dates: 2020-01-01

Where: ruck

QIC: Gut Check

Number of Pax: 13

Pax Names: Gut Check, Hass, Chops, Exile, Foosball, Maaco, 8-Bit, Secret, Mouth-2-Mouth, Pelosi, Snot Rocket, Sgt. Slaughter

Warm-O-Rama: Shiver in place.

The Thang: Gut Check wanted to get as many miles in on the clock this morning as possible. The plan was to ruck a figure-eight between Etowah River Park and Heritage Park.

Exile had different plans.

Hasbro offered to bring the sled (sled+rope+2 CMUs) for anyone that wanted to put in some extra work this morning and Exile was the only guy excited about rucking slower, so he pulled the sled almost the entirety of our ruck. Chops, Hass and Hasbro assisted in porting the sled over the concrete pathway between the parks but aside from that Exile channeled his inner husky and tugged that sled the distance.

QIC had to pee so there was some planking going on while we waited while he tended his business in a porta-john. I heard someone else water the weeds while we waited. QIC suggested all he did was pee upon his return and YHC can't understand why he just didn't take care of business on the side of the trail. Hypothesis: QIC pees sitting down.

On the down-slope of the icy bridge Secret tempted fate and ping-ponged the sled across the bridge. Luckily, no ankles were harmed in this mischief. Exile, meanwhile, hadn't had enough and pulled the sled AND Secret on said sled for some distance on the bridge. Amazing.

We arrived at the flags a few minutes to spare before the Convergence with just enough time to strut our rucks in front of the shivering Pax arriving for their daily painment. Total mileage rucked (according to my not-a-Garmin watch) was 2.4mi.

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