If you did not know yet, YHC was named the 2019 Fubar, Journalist, and FIA’d. YHC found it only appropriate, as the FIA’d Pax, to pick up some of my M’s more creative BD tools for FIA. You see my M made a FIA wheel of workouts, kind of like wheel of fortune. The only issue? YHC had to erase these exercise on the wheel and add some PURE SUCK. Heck, it is the first Wednesday Crossroads! Lets make it suck something special. YHC, loaded the FIA wheel of chance in to the truck and went to bed.

Dates: 2020-01-08

Where: crossroads

QIC: Alcoa

Number of Pax: 9

Pax Names: Airwolf, Duggar, Hurley, Rest Stop, Danica, Carmen SanDiego, Z93, DeepDish, Alcoa

Warm-O-Rama: Lets not Change anything up here

- Weed Pickers
- Sun Gods

The Thang: Quick Mosey to the drainage ditch, YHC explained the rules.

Rule 1: Spin the Wheel
Rule 2: Perform the Exercise the wheel lands on
Rule 3: Run 100 yards up hill and back
Rinse and Repeat

Round 1 & 2 = 10 Reps
3 & 4 = 15 Reps
5 & 6 = 20 Reps
7 & 8 = 25 Reps
9 = 30 Reps
10 = 25
11 = 20
12 = 15
13 = 10 (Are we Done Yet?)
14 = 5

The Exercises on the Wheel???
- Burpees
- Merkins
- Derkins
- Knerkins
- Squats
- Star Jumps
- Dying Cock Roach
- Monkey Humpers

COT: Prayers for the Pax, our Nation, and World Peace

Naked Man Moleskin: WHY HAVEN'T I BROUGHT THIS WHEEL OUT EARLIER??? That was 45 minutes of Pure SUCK.

Few notes to the morning:

- Danica / Reststop, thank you for calling me out on my form, why yes while YHC does squat he is trying to suck his own you know what.... YHC will be focusing on form from now on....

- Duggar, t-claps for pushing yourself but foul play on breaking the zip tie on the wheel, and for calling me out on being one day late on my BB... I typically take 7 days. However, you workout every morning in your JAM JAMs and for that you are a hero in my book.

- Pitchfork..... ...... ..... ...... ..... Fart ..... ..... ..... Sack.....

Men YHC had a blast and looks forward to more Crossroads action on Wednesdays. See you tomorrow in the Gloom!!!

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