YHC decided to replicate some of the new site Qs favorites… to use wise words from Dody, “ought notta done that”…

Dates: 2020-01-08

Where: clinic

QIC: Homer

Number of Pax: 15

Pax Names: Office Party, Nesquick, Brad Pitt, Driftwood, Huckleberry, Dody, Turtle Head, Fooseball, Geek Squad, Piccolo, Space Balls, Narco, Exile, Saluki and Homer

Warm-O-Rama: Started out Saluki style - no warm up... straight into an Indian Run

The Thang: Indian Run to the Fire Station

Circle up for two rounds of 7 burpees

Single File Indian Lunge, man in back does 5 burpees and runs to front.

Line up on sidewalk for Fooseball style monkey humpers - six pointed towards street as traffic passed. One PAX at a time does 5 burpees.

After Exile accused all PAX of standing around, mozy back towards the stage.

Next up - Ultimate Football - the lighting at the clinic seems great... until you throw a football through the air and it disappears.. Fun had by all though.. and it gave Exile and Fooseball a perfect opportunity to take off their shirts.. One team went up by three, got over-confident, the other team came roaring back, scored once, then scored the last TD which was worth 100 points..

Circle up - turn on 3rd Day - Plank while each pax does 5 Burpees; Flutter Kicks while each pax does 5 Big Boys; and run in place while each pax does 5 more burpees.

COT: Dody was 6th Man - A true HIM.

Prayers for Dody's work, I believe Office Party's friend having a medical procedure and Piccolo's father in the hospital.

Naked Man Moleskin: Do what you hate... I hate when Saluki and Fooseball Q... however it normally turns out that it is exactly what I need.

We did one Indian Run, one Indian Lunge, 1,000+ Monkey Humpers, 5 touchdowns and 786 Burpees.

Spaceballs accused YHC of attempting to change Clinic BD to one hour.

Don't come across the middle when Dody is looming.

Fooseball has a manly coffee carafe.

Men of the clinic are awesome!!

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