Gonna take my pax to the Ol’ Rope Mill, gonna ruuuun til I can’t no more

Dates: 2020-01-07

Where: flying_v

QIC: Exile

Number of Pax: 13

Pax Names: Lizard King, Narco, The Situation, Scamper, Geek Squad, 8-Bit, Vespa, Brad Pitt, Foosball, Office Party, Trill, Beater, Exile

Warm-O-Rama: Warm-O-Rama? We don't need no stinkin warm-o-rama!

The Thang: Run to Rope Mill Park, turn back at 0551 in order to make the COT at 0615. Let's GO!!!

COT: Prayers for Sharapova's M, and we took a moment to reflect on the impact of proximity; that by maintaining relationships with men at F3 we were already primed to mobilize quickly within the organization when this need arose. T-Claps to Jack Bauer for the individual initiative taken to hancho the effort and for all the PAX involved financially and supporting with their prayers and encouragement for Sharapova. YHC is grateful for this effective organization and very proud to be counted among these men!!!

Naked Man Moleskin: The Situation is an animal! Enjoyed running alongside him on the way back from Rope Mill Park.

Great mileage from every one.

Apparently miles are like tequila and make Scamper's clothes fall off. He shed a long-sleeve layer just about a mile in and hung it on a mailbox to fetch on his way back to the AO. Apparently he scared some people backing out of their driveway when he scurried up to retrieve it as they were backing out? (I wanna know if he tried to lay on the EH!)

It's nice to have the ruckers with us again! We've missed having y'all over the holidays and I'm glad you're back Tuesdays at the V!

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