Round Ball(s) can go in a square hole…IF the balls are frozen, and two become one, thereby creating the uni-nut

Dates: 2020-01-09

Where: vineyard

QIC: Doddy

Number of Pax: 9

Pax Names: Narco, Tiny Tat, Trill, Mouth to Mouth, NesQuick, Silverado, Lizard King, Beater, Doddy

Warm-O-Rama: The discussion before the warm up....why in hell fire does the daily forecast say high of 60, low of 49 for Woodstock, GA for January 9, 2020...yet, it's 33 degrees at 5:25 AM? I'm angry about it. After 46 years of not caring, I researched it. The answer is that it refers to the night/early morning to come. (The high, and the following low, are printed in chronological order.) Since the high usually occurs around 3-4 PM, the low will follow at usually 11 PM...usually...unless a front is moving in. So, your daily forecast is usually for a 6-7 hour window, or 25-30% of the actual day. YHC can't fix stupid. Neither can you. If you want to know what the temperature will be for tomorrow's beat down, check the low for today...even though it will actually be for tomorrow's sunrise...typically.

Long irritating mosey to get the blood circulating to make us really think that is is 49 degrees the middle parking lot between the two schools. Fast arse SSHs, copper head squats, air presses, and weed pickers.

The Thang: Mosey to the retaining wall area. On approach, YHC realized that this retaining wall is a good bit taller than YHC's recollection. Oh well, the show must go on.

Aiken legs x 4 rounds. What is an Aiken Leg? Well, it's 20 Air Squats, 20 Lunges (10 each leg), 20 box jumps (or retaining walls jumps...or scaled as 20 retaining wall step ups, 10 each leg), followed by 20 jumping lunges. We did that four rounds. YHC was glad when that was done. At least we forgot it was not 49 degrees.

Mosey to the nearest fence, which was used in lieu of a wall. We put our balls against the wall (or through the fence) and held it for 1 minute.
We then laid on our backs and brought our toes to the top of the fence...repeated leg raises to the top, for one minute. We did this four rounds, or eight minutes total. Had it been 49 degrees, the hands wouldn't have frozen. But, since it was actually 33 degrees, they did, in fact, freeze.

Mosey to the junior hill. What was to be 21s was modifed to 11's. Bottom of the hill, we did plank shoulder taps (started at 1), and then ran up the junior hill and performed American Hammers (started at 10). Y'all know the drill, increase by one at the bottom, decrease by the same at the top. YHC cut it short in order to make it back to the flag.....The temperature was the same at the bottom and top of the hill. And, for the record, it was still 33 degrees - not 49 degrees.

Mosey to starting point. Performed Bat Wings, which is 20 forward circles, 20 backward circles, 20 seal claps, and 20 overhead claps. Don't put your arms down. The Tat finished us out with J-Lo's for 45 seconds....

Target was leg, shoulders and abs.

It was still not 49 degrees at the end of the workout. I'd be fine if it said 33 degrees and it was, in fact, 33 degrees +/-. I can't accept a low of 49 but it really being 33. YHC will continue to hold a grudge.

COT: Lots of F2 and F3 events coming up. Check Slack for all that is going on there. Because my hands/fingers were frozen...because it wasn't 49 degrees yet, I couldn't type it into my phone for my backblast.

Naked Man Moleskin: Do everything without complaining or whining. Don't be angry. Don't sweat the small stuff. Don't hold grudges. 🙂

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