Calling out ALL F3Regions

F3Cherokee presents the first annual “F324” to give thanks.

24 1 hour workouts held at one location. Starts at 0001 Saturday, November 28th and runs nonstop until midnight. We will be closing down all other workouts on the 28th in support. Feel free to sign up for multiple Qs and workouts. We are going for Most pax in a single day at a single AO and we would be competing against all regions in the nation who want to participate. As a Q you are leading a 45min workout with a 15-minute COT to log the workout and prep for the next work out.

Each BD needs to have a Strava or Garmin workout (or equivalent) to vouch for the time/distance/whatever. Attending pax will be included a single BB. Beat-downs are the Q’s choice and can be anything you currently do in your region. Suggest having a 24hour Cofffeteria with the assistance of FiA and/or others.

You should have plenty of coupons for use during the workouts that should remain on site. In addition, we will be collecting canned foods on site to donate. Remember this is an all-out maximum participation event and will likely be done as an annual event. Let me know if you have any questions.


*I am working on a shirt design and post it as soon as I have it. Here is a form that you can use if you’d like, please copy it ans make it your own. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MpGo8LO5sLCxRLQ5CpOUnLc78a5haiuWHUrZRQ00Om8/edit#gid=0


1 thought on “F324”

  1. So is the expectation that Shadow down in Dunwoody, would send guys up to you to help out, or are you saying that we would be doing this on our own? And reporting on our own? Trying to understand before i communicate this out.

    Great idea by the way.

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