Everybody got a good laugh in. Good. We will see who’s laughing last.

Dates: 2020-01-06

Where: kodiak

QIC: LawDog

Number of Pax: 8

Pax Names: Deep Dish, Dory, Pelosi, Harp, Ann Arbour, Woody, Misty, LawDog

Warm-O-Rama: 5:30 Sharp Mosey to the track. Right as YHC turned the corner, stepped up the step so as not to trip, BAM!!! Stupid astro turf mat in the dark. All the Pax thought it was real funny watching LawDog disappear from behind the fence. What the Pax did not see was that YHC never hit the ground. Just kind of did this ninja twist handstand move to avoid actually falling but no one saw it buy me because it was in the Gloom so you will just trust me. Some warm up and on to the pain. See who laughs at me now.

The Thang: CLIMB. Very simple. Requires Acrostic Poetry and Multiplication.
Crab Cakes 1
Lunges 2
Iron Cross 3
MC 4
Burpees 5
After finishing the laps run up the stadium, I mean bleachers. Are you Happy Harp. 10 merkins at the top and back to the bottom for 2nd round. For the second round multiply the reps x 2. third round x 3 etc until all pax hit 5 rounds for a total of a bunch of exercises you do the math.

Finished climbing so time to take the excalators. Lap around the track. 100 meters 10 LBCs at the 200 meters 10 Lbcs, 20 American Hammers, 300 meters 10 Lbcs, 20 American Hammers, 30 Dolly's, 400 meters 10 Lbcs, 20 American Hammers, 30 Dolly's and 40 Flutter Kicks.

Take a victory lap Indian Style with a little Walk like an Egytian at the end. Look at that we got to get back to the flag for about 40 seconds with J-Lo.

COT: Prayers for Doubtfire and his 2.0. Prayers for Sharapova and his M. Prayers for the things unsaid and things I do not remember.

Naked Man Moleskin: All the Pax were full of smiles and laughter after YHC bit the Dust. No one was laughing once we started Climbing. The Benefits of being a Q. But why oh why did I take it to five Rounds. 4 Rounds would have been plenty.
Misty has really stepped up his game. He destroyed the Bleachers. Must be all that aggression from Morning Wood.
Harp. Don't cross him, he shows up looking like a Mob hit man ready to break your legs if you do not pay up from thinking the Patriots were going to defeat the Titans.
Speaking of the Titans, Pelosi stop crying. All good things come to an end. At least you got to watch Brady live a long and health life. I a mean in NFL years he is like 102. Its all a celebration at that age.
Ann Arbour and Deap Dish wanted nothing to do with Unicorns and Deadpole.
DigEm where were you man. You request a 5:00am start. I was all alone in the parking lot and had to take on 2.25 miles all by myself until the non fartsacking pax showed up.

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