The Clinic does not wear the minimum amount of flare, we call all in! We fell slightly short of doubling the burpee goal, but 1316 between 14 men is a pretty good accomplishment!

Dates: 2020-01-06

Where: clinic

QIC: Foosball

Number of Pax: 15

Pax Names: Digem
Powder Puff
Daddy Daycare
Careless Whisper

Warm-O-Rama: Short mosey to pavilion
21 SSH
21 American Hammers
21 Flutter Kicks
21 Tea Bag Squats ( my newly minted name for squats to the floor )

The Thang: We took a nice mosey through downtown Woodstock, to the green space behind Reformation brewery. I am pretty sure we would have lost a few PAX if the brewery was open. First exercise was the 7 of diamonds ( 4 rounds of the Q ‘s choice of exercise going up by 7 each round ). We chose 4 points in the field, first point was 7 burpees, mosey to the next point 7 burpees, and so on. Second round was, you guessed if, 14 burpees at each station. There was mumblechatter on the stage, I am pretty sure Nesquick was cursing my name. The question did arise, why burpees. We quickly told them about the challenge, that gave life to the lowly burpee and all the men got after it. Third round was flutter kicks at each station, forth round was American hammers at each station. The last two round all the PAX worked out in cadence, different PAX did the count each time. There is never a foosball Q without some form of humiliation. We moseyed across the street and lined up on the ledge behind Reformation for 21 monkey humpers in cadence. Unfortunately we were not graced with any drivebys! Mosey back to the ampitheather with minutes to spare. Saluki is on the DL, so he was there at the flag and we finished with something called Global Warming. Pax circle up in a plank, we shuffle right until and exercise is called. We did a few rounds of that. Last round guessed it...10 burpees. Saluki called the count and it was over. Thankfully all survived!

COT: Wafflecone was the sixth man. Thank you for stepping in and sharing.

Pray for Wafflecone and his family going through a tough time
Continue praying for Sharpova and his M
Pray for Hooch and his family
Pray for Saluki that he heals up strong and can be back in the gloom working out

Naked Man Moleskin: I wish there was more to say. Mumblechatter was at its bare minimum as no one had any spare breath to say anything. I guess I am thankful I stayed near the front of the pack. I am pretty sure Driftwood and Homer wanted to hurt me.

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