What drives you? What’s your motivation behind crawling out of a nice warm bed to do 1500 burpees WITH suicides in a church parking lot? 15 PAX including a 2.0 and 2 FNG’s question all things this morning.

Dates: 2020-01-06

Where: oz

QIC: Westside

Number of Pax: 15

Pax Names: G-String, Vespa, Lego, Long Island, Brainfart, Spock, Spielberg, Dump Truck, Benchwarmer, Smurfette, Mandals, Showtime, Shaggy, Frizzle, Westside

Number of FNGs: 2

FNG Names: Shaggy, Frizzle

Warm-O-Rama: Loooooong mosey around the church parking lot. Should have pointed out the fire hydrant that would be the turnaround point. That would prove interesting later...

Circled up for:

10x SSH
10x Toy Soldiers
10x Windmills

The Thang: Doracides on Steriods

Partner routine where 1 PAX performs the exercise while the other PAX runs to the curb and back. Every time the PAX ran they went to the next curb all the way around the church to the far side fire hydrant. Once there, they started working their way back one curb at a time :). Exercises were:

100 - Burpees
200 - Squats
300 - LBCs
200 - Merkins
100 - Burpees (that's right)

Picked up the 6 and we finished up right at 0545. Very nice!

COT: Name-o-rama, 6th man (Spock), FNG names, Praises and Prayers

Prayers for Manning, Dump Truck, Sharapova, Gepetto, and their families. Lots happening right now men.

Naked Man Moleskin: Wow! There's not much I can say after the turnout this morning. Not only did we have 15, but 2 FNGs. That is amazing men. Awesome way to start off the new year. There was so much from this morning I created a top 10 list:

1. G-String spotted at 0529 driving around in the Blanket's Creek parking lot. No one even had to ask, we all knew it was him
2. 0530 cars still pulling in the parking lot, but Smurfette yells "it's 0530, leave 'em! Wait, that's my FNG, crap!". He circled back to sweep him up
3. Long mosey around the church complete with grumbles including "45 minute mosey" and "this isn't the Flying V", hahaha. Should have pointed out the fire hydrant though.
4. We're even, partner up. No, wait, Spielberg jumps out of the woods like a ninja so now we're odd. He decided to run here. Big mistake.
5. Explaining the routine, the 2.0 got bored and just started running. He started without us!
6. Mandals takes off so I step out to get some photos for our Instagram for Carmen. He gets back to see I've only done about 15....I'm sure he was questioning that one.
7. Despite running to the beatdown, Spielberg was freaking blazing. Not sure what was in that Camelback, but I need some of it in my life. Someone made a comment about his "all plant diet".
8. FNG missed the turnaround at the fire hydrant and Vespa and I started yelling for him. He was gone. Vespa said "He's outta here, he's running home". Thoroughly confused, we waited to see if he'd come back and sure enough, he did. Guess he just wanted some extra mileage on that hill, hahaha.
9. Me trying not to die asking Spock how much time is left. He looks at his watch and I said "No man, with the baby". Guess I should have qualified it a bit better. I didn't merlot, though
10. No coffeteria is complete without Mandals' one-of-a-kind rubix cube coffee pot that you need an engineering degree from GA Tech to operate.

Good morning, great company, and awesome discussion during coffeteria including the intricacies of how white and black people interact. And no, Vespa and Showtime DO NOT look anything alike.

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