Jack Bauer challenged all AOs to complete the Burpee Challenge in honor of the fund-raising for Sharapova’s M and a few ruckers rose to the occasion.

Dates: 2020-01-08

Where: rattlesnake_riviera

QIC: Hasbro

Number of Pax: 4

Pax Names: Chops, Gut Check, Hass, Hasbro

The Thang: The Thang was this:
Grab Hasbro's sandbag (from now on known as his binky) and head out toward the commuter's lot. Every other speed hump drop and do 10 ruck-on burpees. At the 4th iteration, just do 5 ruck-on burpees for a total of 35 per Pax. Hasbro's binky rotated among the Pax every so often as we made our way around the area for a 2.5mi loop.

We took the trail past the commuter parking lot under the Hwy 5 bridge and hung a left past the bowling alley back toward Hwy 5. We headed north and crossed Hwy 5 at the intersection across from Bruster's.

We continued north alongside Hwy 5 before doubling back onto school grounds where Chops called an audible for 8 steps. Behind the bleachers, past the turn boiler and down the hill back to where we started. We were making good time so we finished it off with some PT:
10 Kodiak-count ruck squats
10 Kodiak-count over-head ruck presses
10 Kodiak-count ruck swings
10 Kodiak-count ruck-on Merkins

COT: Prayers for Chops and his dad's recovery. There was another one in there I've since forgotten. :/

Naked Man Moleskin: Chops and were never so glad to see other ruckers come out this morning than we were today. 250 Burpees between two Pax sounded like a whole lot of suck. At least it wasn't 750... Gut Check and Hass aren't strangers to Rattlesnake Rivera but Chops and I don't often have visitors so we were grateful for the extra company.

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