Time to scout the route for the Bridgemill monkey humper ring camera 10k

Dates: 2020-01-05

Where: black_ops

QIC: LuckyCharms

Number of Pax: 3

Pax Names: Scamper, Mandals, LuckyCharms

Warm-O-Rama: Waiting on scamper

The Thang: Try and run 5 miles

COT: Praying for Monday. Our kids, our wives and all of us as we adjust back to post holiday life.

Naked Man Moleskin:
Thought scamper fartsacked again. Nope, he just went to the wrong starting location and finally checked slack and showed up. Thankfully we fully expected that and remained close at the start. Plus he had pants on which was nice to see.

Mandals has plenty of question about Dig’em. Haha! Guess I should clue him in to my messing with Dig’em in my backblasts and most recently said he could be mandals when he grows up. I’m not sure mandals gets my sense of humor and now I hope he doesn’t start reading my backblasts. Carmen - can I get some redactions?

In all seriousness, where else other than F3 can you find some dudes who wanna run with you at 530am and then will read a recap of the activities where you bust chops. No, not you CHoPs, go back to sleep!


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