2 PAX beat the fartsack post New Year’s Day to shake off the hangover that was left from Alcoa’s epic party. He even made an appearance, on his way to work!

Dates: 2020-01-02

Where: phoenix

QIC: Westside

Number of Pax: 2

Pax Names: Gepetto, Westside

Warm-O-Rama: We moseyed to the nearby neighborhood. It was a long mosey

The Thang: We ran....

At each cross-street we stopped to perform 20x of an exercise. We rotated between:


We hit 10 cross-streets from Revolution to Hwy 20 with a little detour by Alcoa's house for some added distance. The trip back netted us the remaining 10. We clocked over 3.6 miles so that's definitely saying something.

COT: Praises and Prayers.

Love you Gepetto and really looking forward to supporting your upcoming adoption.

Naked Man Moleskin: I am normally the kind of guy that gets discouraged by low numbers. The fact is, even if 1 PAX shows up it's cause for celebration. There may have only been 2 of us, but we had an awesome morning and got in a solid beatdown with some decent mileage.

We detoured down Alcoa's street and saw the aftermath of New Year's at the curb. Matchstick was probably passed out in that mess waiting to scare off more Uber drivers 🙂

As we fought the large hill in the front of the neighborhood we heard a car slowing down behind us and thought it was one of the residents about to give us the business for disturbing the peace when low and behold the cantankerous, bearded wonder, Alcoa, decided to grace us with his presence and his excuses for not posting (there's a reason he won the Roguie).

The crown jewel of the morning was recounting the New Year's eve party and filling in the blanks for Gepetto as he apparently didn't remember the majority of it. Fun was had, regrets were expressed, and the morning was filled with mumblechatter.

Noteable fartsackers:

- Alcoa (excuse delivered in person)
- The Mole
- Renaissance (fartsacked because the Mole did)
- Aquaman (MIA)


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