Rolled up to the amphitheater looking forward to our earlier start time. Started to wonder if anyone would join me. As if they planned it, the PAX rolled in, one by one.

Dates: 2019-03-16

Where: ruck

QIC: Gut Check

Number of Pax: 6

Pax Names: Lexi, Hass, Hooch, Secret, Mandals, Gut Check

Warm-O-Rama: Gut Check warmed up the restroom while awaiting the PAX. Might have stretched.

There was no warm today. Coldest 40 degrees I’ve felt in a while. Lexi was crying about it 16 steps in!

The Thang: Zig and Zag out of DTW to get out to Woodstock Pkwy. It provides a looong hill climb up to the outlet mall.

Conversation was extremely lively as the PAX chased Mandals up the hill.

Pause. Dude had never rucked before and stayed true to the moniker “fastest man in Woodstock!” I spend more time looking at his... chasing him from the Six.

Resume. Checked in a few times without Hooch to see how we were doing on time. Decided we were two minites ahead of schedule.

Pause. If you ever need to know anything about anything in Woodstock, ask our resident Rainman, Hooch.

Resume. Since we’re “ahead of schedule” time for a PT break. 15 Curb Alpert’s IC with pack. 10 Merkins OYO, with pack.

(Always trying to earn a little hate from the PAX)

Right on Rope Mill Rd. to zag back to DTW. At some point Hass and YHC remarked, “Is that a Terrapin in the frickin’ road?” In spite of the advice of the PAX, YHC trucked it on down the road to find this gem of a Krispy Kreme trucker hat posing as a turtle.

Hooch insisted I keep it in spite of my conscience!

So, apparently PT speeds up time, because we got back to DTW way too soon. Time for some zigging and zagging thru the streets of Downtown.

Highlight of the morning was Mandals asking “Ate you really keeping us on a schedule? How did you know we were two minutes ahead?” With a wink, “I didn’t!”

Because, apparently, PT moves time forward. Back to DTW way early, so we rucked it in a zig and zag thru the streets of Woodstock.

At this point Lexi tried to take over the Q and lead us on all kinds of zigs and zags! He was staunchly reprimanded...

COT: Prayers for Mandals’ family and quest for a legit babysitter for their kids!

Prayers for Lexi’s friends who are struggling with the unimaginable weight of a difficult pregnancy. Praying hard for that family.

Naked Man Moleskin: This. Never. Gets. Old.

If you don’t ruck, what the ruck?! You’re missing out! Mandals learned this morning.

We laugh heartily, find dead snakes and truckers hats, and find a deeper joy that many ruckers call “Good Livin’!”

Ruck yeah! Get some!

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