How many times do I have to say, yes YOU WANT GLOVES…

YHC had spotted some pallets of cinder blocks of varying sizes recently while at MCMS picking up my kid. So I thought, “ooh, these would be fun, wonder if the Vinyard pax know they are here” …well, I saw an opening for today on the Q sheet so I decided I would show them!! I try to be thoughtful sometimes…

Dates: 2019-08-19

Where: vineyard

QIC: SwampDonkey

Number of Pax: 10

Pax Names: Ivy, Narco, Drum Stick, Beater, Z93, Go-Daddy, Jackalope, Bosox, Doddy, SwampDonkey

Warm-O-Rama: After a quick disclaimer and a likely confusing set of instructions, we were off. The Warm-o-Rama will be mobile as we had ground to cover and work to do... Partner up on the fly, we are going to play a little Catch Me if You Can! Taking the long way from the flag to the back side of MCMS.
Partner 1 - 15 SSH
Partner 2 - Backpedal
About 3/4 of the way we switch it up
Partner 1 - 10 Merkins
Partner 2 - Backpedal

The Thang: Arriving behind the school, we are not here to cause trouble, we are here to put our tax dollars to work. A quick warning to be careful as I am sure we overpaid for these blocks, be gentle and we will put them back exactly as found. On to the work.
We Cusaked our blocks to the near end of the bus lanes and proceeded to do 100 reps of each exercise. We would start each exercise together then OYO from there - either split at 25 or 50 count (pax choice, you'll want the break) for a run to the far end of the lot and back, planking for the 6 (or if you are egged on by Drum Stick and Jackalope, more of the same for the 6).
Overhead Press
LBC (yep, with block)
Finishing with a quick mosey back to the flag. To cap it off - we clocked about 2.5mi as well! Great way to start a Monday!!

COT: GoDaddy - Sister with a non-cancerous tumor in her head - safety in the procedure
Ivy - new job prospect looking good, pray that continues and coverts to an offer
Drum Stick

Naked Man Moleskin: Logistics be damned, I am going to try to be at the Vinyard again and split my time with the Wreck (Alpha). It is such a solid group of HIMs!

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