Reverse Psychology is a wonderful thing. It starts with a simple, don’t post, it will be too hard. Followed up with some more not for the old bulls. Better to post at the Flying V or the Buff than post to the Cheetah. Next thing you know 19 record breaking Pax post because it can’t be that hard. Played ’em like a Fiddle.

Dates: 2019-02-12

Where: cheetah

QIC: LawDog

Number of Pax: 19

Pax Names: Ruby, BoBerry, AC, Whigham, Speilberg, Cuban, Kiffin, Westside, Harding, Alcoa, OddJob, Papa John, Spock, Hank Hill, Lexi, Wrangler, Smurfette, Drumstick, Law Dog,

Warm-O-Rama: Was not going to, but man my Ars hurt from yesterday's witch, so IW, MP, WP, and WMs

The Thang: 3 Burpees. That was all we did today. 3 burpees. We started with catch me if you can. Partner up One partner runs backwards while the other does 3 burpees and catches his partner who then does 3 burpees while the other runs backwards. We ran all the way from the east side to the westside and then back to the eastside of the School. LBCs and American Hammers for the Six.

To the Basketball courts for 3 burpees with 6 corners. (Ok 4 corners and 2 Basketball goals). The Pax did 3 burpees at each corner and in the middle of the court where the basketball goals were for a total of five rounds. To get to the burpees the Pax bear crawled the first round, duck walked the second, inch warmed the third (starts to really hurt), lunge walked always facing the school providing front, back and side lunges for the forth round (man that's a long side to the rectangle for one leg), and Cheetah Crawled the fifth round. All told 90 burpees + what ever you did for the catch me part, unless you were Hank Hill.

COT: Prayers for the Growth of F3 and the Pax and our Marriages. YHC retold the story from yesterday's backblast about my Step Count for Monday with F3 was more than my step count for Saturday and Sunday combined without F3. The Daily Red Pill is so much easier to swallow with brothers. Read this weeks Q Source for more on the DRP

The F3Cherokee Men's Retreat is coming up in March. Should be a great time.

Naked Man Moleskin: Today was the day that the Cheetah's record fell. YHC was glad to be apart of that. Didn't think it would happened with the Buff and All. I really enjoyed it.

Hank Hill likes burpees even if he can't count.

YHC was inspired by the rain to show some more of the every kind of animal crawls but daggum that inch warm to a long time to get around the court. Burpees were a nice break at that point.

Drumstick tore out at 6:15 so fast he must have been holding an Elvis. He moved faster than Garfield looking for a Porta John at 5:25am.

Smurfette went all Homeboy. Have you ever seen a Chippendale dancing into a Minivan out side a school while teachers are coming to work? BoBerry and I did.

Westside really gets chatty cathy when things start to suck. Heard him mumble chattering all the way from the other side of the court. The Pax on his 24 hour Blue Ridge Adventure Race team are in for a long night. It wasn't until after the COT that I noticed the Vineyard Flag. I just assumed Westside skipped out of site Q duties once again only then to find out it was a Vineyard take over. Wish they would have told Trill so he wasn't all alone spilling merlot at the Vineyard.

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