The Q sheet was blank for the day, no one volunteered and I didn’t voluntold anyone so…..had to make some fun happen….

Arrived early for reglamentar constitution and laying out the course for the beatdown.

Dates: 2019-11-18

Where: wicked_witch

QIC: Hombre

Number of Pax: 13

Pax Names: Turban, Odd Job, Garfield, MaBell, Manning, Quagmire, Floppy, Mickey, Kiffin, Katniss, LawDog, Cricket and Hombre

4.0 Casey representing

Warm-O-Rama: 5:30 rolled around and in order to get ahead of the throng who were deep in conversation about how unusually warm it was, I took off and the yelling started....

We moseyed up to the Donut Stop for a hurry up offense - no waiting for everyone to get in a circle, straight in to 20 SSH, 20 merkins and Quaggy Stretches.

The Thang: Garf was instructed to take us to the pull up bar A. He could not find the hidden entrance thru the Pines. Fail!

1.- At PullUp A location we divided into groups of 3 for 3 circuits of 10 Mole Rows and 10 Gandhi Squats. Someone (intentionally unnamed for protection) was trying to peek up Floppy’s shorts.....

2.- run down to the chasm where red lanterns had been set out from one side to the other. Here we went thru 3 circuits traversing the chasm with 10 rubicon count Kiff Merkins (toe tap merkins) on the far side / 10 Manning Deadlifts (straight legged, weightless and useless if not done slow and properly - no premeditated hidden intentions here) performed on the other end. Mickey viciously tried to squish Casey, I pushed some ones bum up the ravine, a few slipped, some gasped at the thought of getting their feet wet and hands dirty. Some tried to rep shave and were reprimanded but still refused to perform the full prescribed # of reps (is this a workout or a walk in the park-Geesh!)

3.- run down the yellow to the reflector by the sign and up a little ravine to Pull Up B. A loop was laid out previously with white faces painted on trees and on the ground and instructions were clearly communicated (perhaps not as clear as some would like). AMRoundsAP. Run the loop and perform 5 pull ups and 10 merkins. We got in at minimum 5 laps (well - most of us did) with barely enough time to get back to the Flag.

COT: - Garfield’s legal hearing
- Hard HITTING’s time away from us
- Gandhi MIA and time in India
- Impact on the men next to us as we
Shield Lock with each other

Naked Man Moleskin: While today’s distance was not the customary 3+ miles, the exerted output was as effective to push us to get stronger. A little bushwhacking, creek crossings, traversing unprepared paths all in the dark is what makes for a fun morning and allows our inner thirst for adventure to come out for a short ride. The paths our lives are on are not always flat and easy, sometimes we slip, trip, fall or twist an ankle. It is a comfort to know that we have this group of men to count on to lift us up out of the pit falls we encounter.

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