The men of TLD gathered around the flag for some pre-beatdown mumblechatter as usual. Pretty soon the conversation turned to the Q. Specifically who had it. Pie Bar has the Q – cool. Wait, where is Pie Bar? Isn’t he 4,500 miles away? 5:29 comes and it is clear we are Q-less. Fleetwood, being the astute sight Q that he is, says “ya know Hartford, if you just say ‘let’s mosey’ I bet they’ll follow you”. Alright let’s test that – Let’s Mosey.

Dates: 05/28/2019

QIC: Hartford

Number of Pax: 14

Pax Names: Bengay, Kobalt, Kennedy, Fleetwood, Chops, Lucky Charms, High-Tops, Ice-T, Einstein, Twinke Toes, Hartford, Hard Drive, Gekko

Warm-O-Rama: After a 1/4 mile mosey to get the blood flowing (and for YHC to plan a beatdown) then circle up for some SSH, Weedpickers, Micheal Phelps, and Sun Gods. It has been a while since I had the Q and it showed on the opening count. All the Pax gave me a pass except one. Chops never, and I mean never, let's a misstep in counting go without a verbal assault. Today was no exception.

The Thang: Short mosey to the front of FMS. 30 dips and 50 squats then down the big hill for 10 burpees. Meet back at the front for some mary until the six is in. 25 decline merkins followed by 50 monkey humpers and back to the bottom of the hill for 10 more burpees. Bernie Sanders back to the top of the hill. 20 diamond merkins followed by 25 one-leg squats each leg. Now what? On the way back up the hill Fleetwood quipped "this seems like a WWPD - what would Pie bar do - kind of workout. Given that my next move was to either take off my shirt or bear crawls. Let's bear crawl. 30 yard bear crawl to the top of the grassy mountain for some 21's. Wide merkins and the top, narrow at the bottom. The Pax, maybe sarcastically(?), verbalized their appreciation of the variety. After 7 trips an audible was called - meet at the Y between the pick up line hills. Down for another round of burpees. Return and air chair for the six. Sprint the other leg of the Y for, yep, 25 more merkins. Back down to the bottom of Burpback mtn. for some more burpees. Run up the hill for and crank out 25 more merkins at the top. Only a few minutes left - good because I'm all out of ideas. Head to the flag for a few minutes of mosey - call something Lucky Charms. Lucky Charms calls Mike Tysons. 10 Mike Tysons. Pop-up calls flutter kicks to bring us home.

COT: Announcements: No Bakery meeting this Friday. Converging at Family Traditions. Prayers for Oliver's 2.0 and his hand surgery. Prayers for Fleetwood's son Matt and his abdominal pain. Prayers for Old 96'er.

Naked Man Moleskin: YHC was impressed by the level of intensity everyone brought. The heaving chests and wet shirts were evidence of the race to beat the one person that so often gets the best of us - ourselves. Great work men! It is an honor to be with you in the Gloom.

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