Time to add a line to the F3 Disclaimer:

Please do not throw your 60 lb sandbag on your partners head while he is doing burpees.

Dates: 2019-11-16

Where: hurt_locker

QIC: Bloodhound

Number of Pax: 14

Pax Names: Trill, Bagger, Lawdog, Huffy, Oddjob, Cricket, Lizard King, Digum, C4, Bloodhound, Frenchy, Drumstick, Misty, Redhat

FNG Names: n/a

Warm-O-Rama: The thing was SSH and Merkins

The Thang: 14 was our number so we did a Burpee Mile with 14 at each 1/4 mile X6
Next, we lined up on both sides along the wood fence and threw the 60lb sandbags over the top careful not to touch the fence or hit your buddy
We failed at both and Bagger accidentally tried to take out Trill while he was in Mid-Burp.
After about 20 minutes we moved over to Burpback Mountain for some Burpback Mountain work

COT: We all said what we were thankful for (Trill to be okay) and the fact that we are able to come out each day and help each other get better.
The last word from Trill was he was getting better and had to drink his beer through a straw. Get well brother!!

Naked Man Moleskin: Great work this morning, we started with a Pre- ZERO DARK THIRTY-Ruck to take a second hit at this months Callout.
Trill was a champ and had to go into the Emergency room for some MOVEMBER stitches in his chin.
Let's all pay close attention at our workouts and in general to be safe and keep those around us safe as well.

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