No Huffy, No Rain, No pain, No gain… (last two fake news). Jackass merkins, dirty hole, God is an Alien (last one probably fake news).

Dates: 2019-10-19

Where: chatterbox

QIC: Trill

Number of Pax: 9

Pax Names: Trill, Bagger, Drumstick, Garfield, Polecat, DigEm, Grylls, Einstein, Sgt Slaughter

Number of FNGs: 1

FNG Names: Polecat

Warm-O-Rama: -half track run
-5 burpees oyo
-28 SSH IC
-10 Micheal Phelps IC
-10 squat thrust IC

The Thang: -bear crawl / crawl bear partners across field. Face eachother one craws forward while other crawls back
-down the dirty hole to tennis courts for Johnny Cash, elbow plank while one PAX MC's, then superman pose while punch, then air chair while squats, then elbow plank MC's again.
-backwards run uphill to picnic benches for 10 dips IC, 10 incline merkins IC, 10 dips IC
-to playground walls on mulch for jackass merkins, 2 rounds of 10 IC (1 merkin + 1 donkey kick = 1 rep)
-jump playground wall and mosey to basketball court for wheel barrels and empty wheel barrels
-back up dirty hole for ab work on field: LBFC's, heel touches, Freddy Mercurys, twisted mountain climbers.
-2 laps around the .33 mile track, 1st lap do 33 LBC's first, 2nd lap do 33 squats
-run length of field to pull up bars, sets of 5 reps of chin ups until time or join Grylls in crab cake if your biceps hurt.

COT: -6th man DigEm, good to hear his story and working out with him today
-FNG bought to us by Einstein, named Polecat bc he was played O-line in college; polecat is play call where the o-line shifts away from QB to confuse the D-fence. Looking forward to seeing Polecat again next week.
-Coffeteria in COT, we follow the rules.. we just change them first.
-prayers for Drumstick and DigEm fams

Naked Man Moleskin: -Where is HUFFY? Still MIA. without his natural British accent we have to hear Drumstick impression, sounds like an old drunk lady.
-Drumstick and Garfield tad bit late after their adventures in the woods this gloom and more chatty than ever. For all the muscles used today they used their talking muscles the most. Quite impressive actually. Topic of the day "God is an Alien"
-Bagger crushed the track today and though he may not know is ready for his VQ next week.
-Sgt Slaughter took spill down the dirty hole but kept soldiering on. That passage is tricky and should always be traveled with caution.
-Grylls, the backseat Q of the year crushed empty wheel barrels, such strong wrist he has; watch out for his crawl bears though, he will run you off the road, stay in your lane bro.

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