A lot of folks think what we do is stupid. Especially that we do it in the dark.

I couldn’t agree with them more! But that’s no reason NOT to do it!

YHC was hoping for rain this morning! It held off just long enough for the PAX who were promised there would be wetness!

Oh, we’ll get wet!!!

Dates: 2019-06-08

Where: woodstockrucks

QIC: Gut Check

Number of Pax: 11

Pax Names: The Cube, Gunner, Diez, Einstein, Chops, Danica, ThunderBritches, Careless Whisper, Hooch, Gut Check, Geek Squad

Warm-O-Rama: Warm up? What? Hooch rolled in at the last second with my surprise for the PAX.

Gather up the two Stick Ball Poles from Sixes Wild. We haven’t weighed them, but PAX estimates include 175 lbs, 1 Hooch, 1776 lbs, and The Weight of Sin.

Doesn’t help that they are PVC and slippery when wet!

The Thang: With poles rucked about a mile to the dark back of Woodstock Elementary School. The PAX did a great job coordinating and rotating grip of the poles. I’ll leave that right there.

Set poles down for:
75 Ruck Squats
75 Ruck Merkins
75 Ruck Deadlifts
75 Ruck overhead Presses
(25 count, 3x, all PAX taking a turn counting)

Ruck to the big wet field behind the school for I’m up, He sees me, I’m down. YHC leads Right platoon and Chops leads Left platoon.

Across the field to honor the 75th anny of D-Day. I promised the PAX they’d get wet!!!

“God didn’t provide it today, so I did!” (I was reminded that dew is also a provision from the Lord!)

We’re more than a mile away from where we started and have these stupid poles. What do we do? Ruck ‘em back!

I promised Careless Whisper that rucking is “just walking” so...

Drop off the poles and take off waking around the amphitheater and up to the top of the park. Around 0617 here it comes... “What time do we stop this?” “0620, Chops!” Time to turn around and hustle downhill. Rolled in at 0621 to the brightest shovel flag this side of the Sun!

COT: Prayers for Diez’ wife (Red Rider, the Cube, and Gunner’s mom) and an upcoming surgery.
Prayers for Einstein’s puppy problem!
Prayers for Chops friends who are currently living with him. Prayers for peace and sanity in the house and blessing for them.

Naked Man Moleskin: Does this ever get old? If rucking with these guys is contagious, I don’t want the vaccine! Even ThunderBritches came today while his parents are out of town. (Thanks, Hooch!) He refused to miss it!

I do too, TB, I do too!

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