Froccer Round 3 proved to be just as confusing as the first 2. Changing rules, confusing starts, and it turns out we’re all pretty terrible at field goals. Well, maybe not Scamper. We still had a blast, though!

Dates: 2019-10-23

Where: league

QIC: Westside

Number of Pax: 15

Pax Names: G-String, Ann Arbor, Wild Thing, Scamper, C Cup, Chancellor, Panhandle, Tally Man, Spock, Good Hands, Garfield, Nomad, Woody, Aquaman, Westside

Warm-O-Rama: Mosey to the field and circled up. With Nomad complaining and shouting 'halt' the whole time we performed:

15x SSH
10x Weed Pickers
10x Toy Soldiers
5x Bent Leg Body Twists

Explained the rules (what little we had) and we split into teams. Time to start

The Thang: Froccer

An ultimate style sport played with a glow in the dark soccer ball. Ultimate rules apply with a few twists. I'll capture what we had from previous iterations and then what we came up with on the fly:

Throws from 1 player to the next to move the ball down field
Drops become turnovers
Out of bounds become turnovers
Kickoff is an actual kickoff from the 35 yard line where ball is kicked down field to the other team

Ball must be kicked to a player in the endzone to score. Players outside the 10 yard line can kick a field goal for 2 points

COT: Name-o-rama, 6th man (C Cup), praises, prayers, and announcements.

Naked Man Moleskin: Okay, first off this morning was awesome! The weather is getting colder and we had a great group out with us for what is probably our most confusing ultimate sport to date. We ran into some issues that we hadn't previously covered with rules so I'll spell them out here for future use.

Deflections - ruling was that as long as the ball does not touch the ground it is still in play. Going forward this will be the rule.
Field Goal Attempts - there was some discussion that a turnover should occur from where the field goal was attempted. Going forward, any missed field goals will result in a turnover and the opposing team will start on the goal line.
Endzone Catches from other than a kick - During play the team made a catch in the endzone, but it was from a pass and not a kick. Going forward the ball must be passed to a player outside the endzone and then either kicked for a field goal or to another player in the endzone to score.

I hope this clears things up for everyone, but we can always keep trying! Looking forward to playing ultimate Frisbee this weekend with everyone and congrats to Scamper for the amazing plays and awesome field goal this morning.

For those who made comments that the rules seemed to give our team the advantage, we lost so I must really suck at cheating, haha. The banter was awesome, we got over 3 miles in and although there were some close calls and small scrapes we made it the whole hour without anyone ending up on the DL. Until next time men!

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