What’s that song by Chumbawamba… Tubthumping? I get knocked down! But I get up again! Yeah you never gonna keep me down. There’s a exercise in the lexicon called “Chumbaburpees” where you do burpees to the music. YHC didn’t have music. So we just did a whole heckuva lotta burpees. And some more arms.

Dates: 02/13/2019

Where: kodiak

QIC: Floppy

Number of Pax: 27

Pax Names: Voodoo, Yogi, Manning, Vanilla Ice, Earhart, Cricket, Doubtfire, Aquaman, Rest Stop, C4, Babyface, Bloodhound, Ghandi, Mickey, Misty, Dory, Swisher, Matchstick, The Mole, Tebow, Carmen SanDiego, Trap House, Garfield, Dixie Chick, Lawdog, MSG, Floppy

Warm-O-Rama: 0530 Mosey
20x SSH (while choking on my own spit)
15x Imperial Walkers
10x Mountain Climbers
10x Copperhead Merkins

The Thang: Mosey'd over to YHC's favorite track, the parking lot in front of the school.

Thang 1:
Jack Webb - the "Iron Hulk" Version
1 to 4 Ratio of Merkin to Air Press
1 Merkin, 4 Air Presses, all the way up to 10 Merkin, 40 Arm Presses
Apparently YHC can't count. Thank you PAX for the assistance.

Thang 2:
Burpee Medley - 25 burpees per 1/4 lap around the track
Station 1: 25 Regular Burpees
Station 2: 25 Plank Jack Burpees (Plank Jack after the Merkin)
Station 3: 25 Hand Release Burpees (Release Hands at bottom of Merkin)
Station 4: 25 WOLVERINES - this was extra tough, from the F3Nation Exicon:

WOLVERINE: A big-boy burpee fit for a super-hero: From standing position, drop to plank, one merkin, left knee tuck to the chest, another merkin, right knee tuck to the chest, yet another merkin, stand, jump, overhead clap. That's one. Rinse. Repeat.

Plank/Mary while waiting for the SIX.

Thang 3:
Indian Run. 2 teams, around the track. Each PAX got in about 2 sprints to the front of the line. A few got 3. Good work!

Thang 4:
Arms Medley - Partner Up, shoulders are dead, so let's work those Bi's & Tri's
Station 1: 25 Partner Rows, each partner
Station 2: 25 Curb Dips
Station 3: 15 Partner Rows, each partner
Station 4: 15 Military Press

We ran out of time, grabbed the SIX and headed back to the flag. No time for Mary.

COT: - Next Tuesday, 02/19 is the launch of The Castle Black in Ballground. From "Game of Thrones": Castle Black (Ballground Elementary) is the main stronghold (AO) of the Night's Watch (F3 Cherokee) and the seat of their Lord Commander (Dixie Chick). Come out and support the northern expansion.
- Spartan Sprint at Lake Lanier on 4/13, good one for the 2.0's to join.
- Pray for reconciliation for Dixie Chick and his daughter Dasha in Michigan.
- Pray for Ghandi as he heads out for a mission trip to India. F3 India!
- Prayer for our marriages, and don't forget Valentine's day tomorrow men.

Naked Man Moleskin: Ended at 0617 - sorry guys that's on me. Even worse - No Mary? I hope your abs will forgive me. Perhaps they can console your shoulders. Maybe get in some flutter kicks OYO today. If the upper body extravaganzza was a bit much, you can always show up for The Happy Jack tomorrow and get some running in. Guaranteed at least 3.1 miles... SYITG!

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