Been a long time since Ricky Bobby paid his respect to the Clinic. After seeing on Sunday that they needed someone to Q, YHC said instead of just going….Q it! What better way to start the month of July off than with a Q.

Was a little lost when I got there. Had to remember all the things to do.

Dates: 2019-07-01

Where: clinic

QIC: Ricky Bobby

Number of Pax: 13

Pax Names: Spaceballs, Gut Check, Beater, Dog Leg, AOL, Hooch, Gotti, Bayside, Double Duece, Sgt. Slaughter, Homer, Jackalope, Ricky Bobby

Warm-O-Rama: This is where I put the thing before the Thang huh?

We did a little mosey up the steps across the top of the amphitheater back down the side, around the stage and near the flag for the following exercises.
Gut Check asked me to add in a little Q school knowledge in this beat down. We talked about counts, cadence, what F3 stood for and the break down of the F's.

Weed Pickers
Michael Phelps
Copper Head Squats

Then we mosy'd!

The Thang: I explained to the PAX, especially those looking to Q that have not or have only Q'd once or twice, how easy it can be. I used the example of pearls on a string and using set it and forget it work outs. Using todays workout as a set it and forget it.

At the bottom tier of the amphitheater we partnered up and did the following:

Partner Blimps
Partner 1 went up to the top tier of the amphitheater, at the top performing 15 Big Boy Sit Ups, then back down.
Partner 2 started the following workouts: Then swap ever time partner goes up and comes back down.
Counts between the partners is shared across the exercises.

B- Burpees x 50
L - Lunges (Rubicon) x 100
I - Imperial Walkers (Rubicon) x 150
M - Merkins x 200
P - Plank Jacks x 250
S - Squats x 300

Once we finished up as a total PAX. (Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you found him) We mosy'd back towards the flag for a shorter version of Jack Webb. We ran out of time. (Start on time/End on time) So we only got to 8 Merkins and 32 air presses.

COT: Discussed the 4th, Discussed some ruckin festivities, discussed launching AO's in the area, discussed Swishers gathering and discussed Q'ing,. #allthethings

Naked Man Moleskin: YHC reminded the PAX that no matter how put together we think everyone is. No matter how perfect others lives may look from the outside looking in. WE ALL ARE GOING THROUGH STUFF! We have to be there for one another. Be intentional about reaching out and looking out for our fellow brothers and neighbors.

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