YHC was pumped to Q The League once again and I brought with me some flag football flags. The idea was to add one runner to each team that could run after the catch until the flags were pulled.

Turns out they did it one week I was on the road. So we just did it again.

Dates: 2019-10-09

Where: league

QIC: Chancellor

Number of Pax: 16

Pax Names: Woody, Ditka, Westside, Good Hands, Nomad, G-String, Microsoft, Fuzzy, Vespa, Almost, Garfield, Ann Arbor, Crawdaddy, 8-Bit, Panhandle, Chancellor

Warm-O-Rama: Oh, and word has it Suckles posted for a pre-workout with Westside but he had to run tell someone that eating too much meat is bad and they really should try more vegetables.

You already read it in the intro, my PAX. I thought I was gonna be all original and confided in Panhandle about this idea a few weeks back before some travel and fall break. Turns out I didn't get Q fast enough and someone else already debuted the idea! That's on me.

The Thang: Ultimate Frisbee, no penalties. 10 count after catch to throw.

One runner per team wears flag football flags.
Runner gets to run after a catch.
After flag is pulled, runner has 'til 5 count to get rid of the disc.
Runner (flagged) must rotate after either being tackled OR a touchdown. It has to circulate among the entire team before being worn again.

In reality, my flags sucked and it took way too long to rotate flags. Lots of running was had, though. The team with the pennies (odd team) ended up winning 6-4 with a last-minute crazy run from Fuzzy. The flags only led to a little bit of contact - Westside and I had quite the bump while he was running downfield with the disc. Woody had some insane catches but he was ruled ineligible from MVP as he wasn't present for the drawing. Microsoft ended up taking home MVP (the trophy is dangling a decoration, so we'll see how it comes back). Remember, if it breaks while in your possession, you must make it better before bringing it back!

COT: Prayers for Panhandle's upcoming gala (he doesn't dance, don't worry about showing up, you'd have to wear a sport coat and I'm pretty sure he told us the wrong time and location anyways), for a couple requests, and that the Lord would remind us that we are enough. Prayers for Vespa's M to continue her time on the mend.

The League is at 0500-0600 starting next week. Y'all come out and get your run on.

Naked Man Moleskin: I had some stuff here about how we don't need to rely on ourselves but now I'm trying to get eloquent and second guessing everything I wrote. You are enough, fellow PAX, because of who you are in Christ. That is the bottom line. Reliance on yourself is a trap. Take the time to be vulnerable in the COT because I guarantee you're not the only one dealing with whatever it is you're keeping to yourself right now. This is something I need to be better at as well. Appreciate y'all and the opportunity to fellowship and sweat with you.

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