Nearly 3 years has YHC been a part of F3. Today was the day we saw all the coupons that have been acquired along the way..

Dates: 2019-11-25

Where: vineyard

QIC: Westside

Number of Pax: 6

Pax Names: Tiny Tat, BoSox, Silverado, Doddy, LizardKing, Westside

Warm-O-Rama: Looong mosey up the road to the practice field. Questions already looming with the scattered coupons all over the entrance to the field

10x Weed Pickers
10x Copperhead Squats
10x Toy Soldiers
10x Windmills

The field was waterlogged so YHC had to modify the exercises a bit to help the PAX avoid getting hypothermia.

The Thang: Westside's Wares

Over the years YHC has acquired a boat load of coupons. They all made an appearance. The catch, a chosen PAX had to pick an item and then the routine was performed. Below are the items that were brought with an explanation on the items that were chosen:

Jump Ropes
Battle Rope
Kettlebells x2
20lb GoRuck Sand Bags x2
Resistance Bands
Portable Speaker

Round 1 - Silverado
Item Chosen - Jump Ropes

Each PAX received a jump rope and performed:
100x Single Unders
Run to opposite end of field and back
100x Single Unders
Lateral to opposite end of field and back (Left Leg down, Right Leg back)
100x Single Unders
Backwards run to opposite side of the field and back

Round 2 - Doddy
Item Chosen - Soccer Ball

Doddy had all our fates in his hand as he got a chance to kick a field goal from the 25yd line (either place kicked or drop kicked). No interference, just him on his own. If he made it, we all win and moved to the next item. If he didn't, we all performed 25x Burpees.

He missed

Round 3 - BoSox
Item Chosen - Kettlebells x2

Ding Ding! Triple Jeopardy round. This item comes with 2 other items (20lb Sand Bags x2 and the Battle Rope). YHC set up the battle rope by securing it to the 2 sanbags. A 25m lane was marked off using a football bad left on the field. Each PAX performed this routine and chose an AMRAP exercise while the completed the course. The course consisted of:

25m Sprint down and back
25m Sandbag drag down and back
25m Lateral down and back
25m Farmer's carry with Kettlebells down and back
25m Sprint down and back

Breathing hard and exhausted we were nearly out of time so we left the coupons on the curb and moseyed back to the start for the endex.

COT: Name-o-rama, Praise, and Prayer Requests

Praises and Prayers for Silverado's M as she is recovering from surgery and doing well. Still in extended care until she can be released.

Naked Man Moleskin: The Vineyard just feels like home. As many times as I have Q'd here there is still so much that we have not done. There is a solid group of guys here that keeps bringing me back. I hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving on Thursday and that you all get to spend time with family and loved ones.

I appreciate the opportunity to be with you men and each and everyone one of you inspires me to keep coming out and coming up with crazy stuff for us to do. I look forward to bringing this routine back with a few improvements. Who knows, maybe we will get to use them all!

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