9 PAX, 2 Counties, 2 merlots, blood, sweat, and diarrhea.

Dates: 2019-04-17

Where: woodstockrucks

QIC: Hooch

Number of Pax: 9

Pax Names: Secret, Chops, Westside, Pelosi, Gut Check, Trust Fall, Lucky Charms, Einstein, Hooch

Warm-O-Rama: Ruck on and ruck out from the Woodstock Amphitheater at 2100 hrs. Warm-up Mile started off the Day 4 checklist for GoRuck April Challenge (Lucky Number 7): ruck a 14-min mile. That's "what we did". Took us through the DTW shops, behind the funeral home to the secret cut through, and up through Serenade subdivision.

The Thang: Awaited the six at the RR Xing at the main street entrance, while we started our suck-fest PT. 10 rounds of: 10 Ruck Thrusters, 10 Ruck Swings, and 25 meter ruck-on bear crawl. Plenty of sweat from the fast mile, blood dripping off my wrist from taking the pack on and off, first merlot of the night, Pelosi has to borrow some wipes and is dubbed "Sh*t Break" by his fellow PAX (I hope there was a security cam pointed in that direction), and by this time we needed to recoup some of the lost fluids. Trust Fall and Lucky Charms make a mad dash into the convenience store to buy some bottled water. The crosswalk says walk, so the 7 of us who came prepared walked across. With about .02 seconds left on the crosswalk counter, here come the water boys sprinting across all 11 lanes of Hwy 92, thus inducing merlot #2 of the evening. There were ample opportunities for PT as we awaited the 6 at various points from here - ruck-on merkins, lunges, dips, and even a raccoon crawl I've been scoping out for weeks. We rucked on roads, sidewalks, drain chutes, railroad tracks, roadsides, and parking lots. Covered 6.2 solid Garmin miles (also known as 6.5 miles for Strava fans). Each man got stronger, despite plenty of lamentation and threatening verbiage (vocal and text messages) aimed at the Q. We made it all the way down into Cobb County, and came back better than we were at Startex.

COT: We are thankful to our Creator and Sustainer for His many mercies, not the least of which is to be strong and getting stronger with our brothers on such a fine evening as this one. Concerns include a young family who miscarried a baby and a pending job interview for our brother, Secret. We asked the Lord to fill us with His Spirit, help us speak words of truth in love, as well as help us shut our mouths when it would be wise to do so.

Naked Man Moleskin: As usual, we got 3 or 4 honks, and even one guy videoing us as he drove by in his F-250. One pair of dudes in a neighborhood asked what on earth we were doing. The fuzz did not seem to question our presence or activity, despite quite a few sightings. Nostalgic seeing a big freight train crossing 92. Trust Fall - way to push hard and stick with the pack, despite upheaval in the tummy. Pelosi - no more spicy food on ruck days. Oh, and TLP Waffle House - thank you for yet another 23:30 sit-down with the best (this is so far from true) steak and eggs around. Let's do this every two weeks through GrowRuck and beyond boys - #WoodstockRucks WNS (Wednesday Night Special).

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