Indian run all over this AO, Joe Hendricks on the grapes of wrath! “something about Exile’s Mary”

Dates: 2019-10-17

Where: vineyard

QIC: Trill

Number of Pax: 11

Pax Names: Exile, GoDaddy, Tiny Tat, NesQuik, Ditka, Lizard King, Doddy, Brad Pitt, Drumstick, Trill, Peekaboo

Number of FNGs: 1

FNG Names: Peekaboo

Warm-O-Rama: Mosey around large parking lot and up and down stairs
10 Weed Pickers IC
10 Willie Mays IC
10 toy soldiers IC
10 Michael Phelps IC

The Thang: -Indian Run down toward the road pass practice field, pass grapes of wrath, take a break at the benches in front of school: 10 dips IC and 10 derkins IC. Indian run back down to front small lot across from stadium.
-on small patch of grass, 10 LBFC's, 10 big boi's, 20 oblique crunch each side
-Indian run back around the large AO, break at practice field for partner elbow plank / derkins (25), 10 twisted mountain climbers IC, resuem run, break at grapes of wrath hill for Joe Hendricks (crawl bear up largest hill around), 15 incline big boi's at top and bear crawl or crab walk back down.
-Back at starting point (small grass patch at small lot) give it to Exile for 6 minutes of Exile MAry AKA suckfest: on our six kept our heels off the ground as much as possible, 6 inches, 45 degrees, 90 degrees, flutter kicks, fast leg raise up slow down, box cutters, Roslitas and all of it over and over for 6 minutes.

COT: -6th man NesQuik, sells hair products to Exile, all happy to hear he is addicted to F3, got his acting debut as the NesQuik bunny in Hollywood.
-FNG: Government name Keith named him Peekaboo because well at his last workout group he let his junk hang out of a hole in his shorts he was unaware of. He did great today and no Peekaboo incidents today.
-Announcements: Creekview middle school need volunteers to build obstacle course for fun run, Gut Check knows family in need of help moving Saturday.
-Prayers for F3 Men and their families

Naked Man Moleskin: -I warmed up our ABs today and Exile finished them off (oh that sounds bad ). Abs still sore right now.
-Nice twist today on the beatdown, 12,000 steps, all the Indian running with exercises mixed made the beatdown fly by.
-Joe Hendricks are supposed to be crawl bears up the biggest hill, well we did just that, possibly the biggest hill out of all AO's in F3 Cherokee, and after doing it I can think of several smaller hills that would've worked just fine! Crawl bears up Grapes of Wrath was brutal, Drumstick said this can't be done but we did, and I believe Tiny Tat and Drumstick were two of the first to the top.
-Jack and Jill went up the hill, well GoDaddy went tumbling down the hill today with a double somersault at the bottom!
-How did Lizard King get such a cool name? I was there but still not sure how it happened. I think I was the Q. Man that is a bad-ass name.

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