Running a bit late meant getting the audio setup at the last possible second but no worries Swisher was there watching the clock. Some reference was made to my time piece being a Law Dog edition!

Dates: 2019-10-21

Where: kodiak

QIC: Dory

Number of Pax: 12

Pax Names: Swisher, Mudflap, Woody, Miyagi, Donner Party, Madoff, VooDoo, Harp, Twiggy, Tie Dye, Mickey, Dory

Number of FNGs: 1

FNG Names: Mudflap

Warm-O-Rama: The F3 Impact Challenge is underway this week so YHC asked the PAX to bring canned good, paper products, etc. to the beatdown which we will donate to the House of Hope. The challenge started with 50 burpeees but we would reduce the # of burpees by the # number of items collected. In total we collected 26 items which meant 24 burpees. Did a quick warm up with SSH, Mountain Man Poopers, Imperial Walkers and Sun Gods/Micheal Phelps....then got our burpees knocked out.

The Thang: Todays routine was one I did a year ago so I was itching to try it again. I believe Harp was the only one present both times...other than YHC. PAX partnered up and lined up at opposite ends of the cones marking out a 30m sprint zone. We did 4 rounds of sprints last 4 min each. Each partner would sprint to the other end immediately after the partner arrived. In between the rounds of sprints we did 4 minutes of an AMRAP exercise. First exercise round was Mike Tysons but changed to Supermans after 2 min. Second exercise was Imperial Squawkers for 4 min. Third exericse was LBC's with an audible to Monkey Humpers for the final 2 min. Ended with 6 minutes left so headed to flag for 6MOM. Did a quick Q school refresher with Mudflap (FNG) and Tie Dye calling their first cadences.

COT: Prayers for all the unspoken requests in our hearts and for the F3 brothers on the DL.

Naked Man Moleskin: 1.) Swishers mumblechatter never does his staff put up with him? 2.) Mudflap gets points for sneaking in post disclaimer and YHC not realizing we had an FNG until name-o-rama but for also going full tilt Marine Corp and treating us to an intense round of squats (I think it was squats). 3.) I sense Madoff is Q'ing the Kodiak real soon! 4.) Two speakers are better than one...but still not up to Swisher standards! 5.) Awesome job to all the HIM's who donated goods at the last minute.

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