Brought the Uptowne 50 to War Towne with a funke flavor! (if you put an “e” at then end it’s fancier)

Dates: 2019-06-29

Where: wartowne

QIC: JackBauer

Number of Pax: 18

Pax Names: Snap On, Rooney, Pie Bar, Pop Up, RugBurn, Einstein, Hard Drive, Gekko, Ice-T, Ratchet, Biff, Dizzy, AOL, Chops, Gotti, Jack Bauer

Number of FNGs: 2

FNG Names: Tundra, Dufresne

Warm-O-Rama: Mosey to Football/Lacrosse fields with coupon (extra large bluetooth speaker!)
24 SSH,
Imperial Walkers
OYO Sun Gods, Michael Phelps

The Thang: Uptowne Fifty!

Partner Up. Start at the Goal Line with 10 burpees, move with your partner to the 50 using one of the 10 methods (in order). Then 10 burpees at the 50 yard line, then back to the goal line using the next method. The methods of travel were Burpee Broad Jump, Crab Walk, Partner Carry (P1), Partner Carry (P2), Alligator Crawl, Wheelbarrow (P1), Wheelbarrow (P2), Nur (Run Backwards), AYG (Sprint), and Bear Crawl. Blasting Bruno Mars Uptown Funk!

Modify after the first or second round to 5 burpees. Around that time, Einstein, Gekko and Chops joined the group after completing the SoR. What?!? Insane!

Next was 11's OYO starting at the goalline with 1 Merkin, then sprint/run to 50 to complete 10 squats, rinse and repeat with decrease squats by 1 and increase merkins by 1 adding up to 11.

Ended with the Ring of Fire with Johnny Cash blasting on oversize speaker! PAX held feet 6 inches while 1 PAX at a time did 5 LBCs, then squat hold while 1 PAX at a time did 5 squats.

COT: Announcements about July 1st Apex BD launch at Etowah HS and the July 4th convergence.

6th man was Einstein talked about the struggles of fatherhood and staying home in the summers with his 4 young children (school teacher).

We welcomed two FNGs. Dufresne, is a father of twin 16 year old boys, lives in Bridgemill, goes to WCC, and his M is always seen running around TLD in the mornings. He is also a banker so we settled on Dufresne as in the banker Andy Dufresne from Shawshank Redemption (I had to google the correct spelling, guess it's french?). Then we had Tundra, he is a father with 1 son, from Michigan via Canada (yes, he is Canadian), works as an HVAC technician, and has an obsession with Dodge, Jeep, MOPAR... so we of course went the complete opposite of that to Toyota and settled on Tundra (the name works as the frozen Tundra too for Canada!)

Prayers to ease the suffering for family and friends of Ice-T, Chops and RugBurn going through serious medical issues. Prayers for safe travels for all F3 brothers traveling this holiday.

Naked Man Moleskin: Really enjoyed this workout today. Lots of modifications to the exercises by YHC and the PAX. Always over plan for a BD especially the weekend hour long ones.

YHC was really excited and happy to see Dufresne and Tundra this morning. YHC has been EHing these two for a little while. Welcome!

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