Spacebar and his waterproof topo map. Downpours and UPhills. Office Party donning dress shoes and JanSport backpack. This is Blackops!

Dates: 2019-11-23

Where: black_ops

QIC: Manning

Number of Pax: 10

Pax Names: Office Party, Odd Job, Garfield, Manning, Lucky Charms, Homeboy, Spaceballs, Kiffin, Mandals, Einstein

Warm-O-Rama: Wait on Garffy to step into his backpack and away we go!

The Thang: The plan was to run a route starting at the gravel lot across from the Kia dealership at rope mill, and work our way over to blankets Creek mountain bike trails and back. Things didn’t exactly go according to plan… But do they ever during black ops?

Naked Man Moleskin: Observations from today :

☘️ in the house!

Einstein took a relentless berating from that menace HB about his love for Orange Theory. Well it must be working because he crushed it today. Thanks for the push up that horrible Aquatic Center hill bro!

Garffy sporting a fresh new light cream colored smock. His fashion sense has taken a dramatic turn for the worse recently.

Mandals with a 3 mile pre-run??? Nobody likes a show off bro 😉

Kiffin pulling a Kiffin early and blazing his own antisocial trail.

Uphill one mile. Downhill 10 feet. Rinse and repeat.

Ohhh what’s this? A granola bar and car keys. What a perfect gift!

What in the wha? Clams in the lake Alatoona mud flats???

I think we just passed the spot where Westside dumped Spacebar in the 🛶 last time.

☘️ Not impressed with this mission so far. I ask Einstein if we have time to leave at still make it to the 7:30 🍊 class.

Did anybody hear that Floppy did TWO adventure races last year?

Hey a stanky deer carcass!

Duke remains unimpressed with this “trail” “run”

Although that 64 seconds on South Loop was pretty amazing!

Great now we’re split up. And in someone’s backyard 🤦🏻‍♂️

And Mandals just ditched us ☹️

Back in the trails for the return trip home and Office Party took two of the nastier spills I’ve seen ina long time. Bowling shoes are not trail rated!!!

Back up one final terrible hill and we all get to enjoy OP searching frantically through the JanSport for his keys.

Set off his alarm and let him off the hook. That boy had a rough day out there today!! But he still has the baddest of all profile pics!!

As always...good times boys!! Let’s do it again...yada yada!

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