New start time had some late shows and no pennies to start out with.

Dates: 10/16/2019

Where: league

QIC: Nomad

Number of Pax: 15

Pax Names: Garfield, Panhandle, Ann Arbor, Woody, Vespa, Wild Thing, G-String, Chancellor, Almost, Tallyman, Goodhands, Scamper, Nomad, The Mole, Geppetto

Warm-O-Rama: Mosey around the track while going over some of the rules before heading to the center of the field. Finishing up the rules and here comes Almost, now we have the pennies. Rules were simple but some want to make things complicated by not listening.

The Thang: Rules are:YHC wanted to have a faster pace to try and get more miles in so no kickoff/throwoff (score and the ball is immediately turned over at the goal line for play), 10 second count to throw or turnover, ball has to be thrown from the 10 yard line or further in order to score. Separate into two teams and begin. Team 2 had first possession since they had one less pax on team. Switch sides half way through.
Two Blackops runners, The Mole and Geppetto, did speed work around the track.

COT: Prayers for G-Strings Aunt who is getting ready to have surgery and that everything well. Goodhands Uncle who just had surgery and for a good recovery.
League begins a new day on Oct 26th from 7-8.

Naked Man Moleskin: Full hour is definitely better for The League. Team 1 scored first but was the last time they scored. Team 2 won by a landslide and MVP went to Ann Arbor. Woody had 2 collisions within 5 mins and just walked it off (may be feeling it later today). Garfield crop dusted the entire field multiple times (may have been to trying to gas out the other team). Everyone seems to have enjoyed the no kickoff. Gloves should be worn if raining as the ball is difficult to catch.

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