760 lbs of Sandbabies don’t slow the subie down, it just becomes a low-rider. They had not made a showing at Paragon in a while and YHC had never Q’d with them. With the tropical climate on the southside, it was a perfect time.

Dates: 2019-02-07

Where: paragon

QIC: Grylls

Number of Pax: 14

Pax Names: Pink Panther, Tinder, Woody, Panhandle, Cuban, Wiggum, Tallyman, Double Deuce, Tebow, Homeboy, Garfield, Cricket, Almost, Grylls

Number of FNGs: 1

FNG Names: Double Deuce

Warm-O-Rama: - Mosey around the parking lot
- Garfield calls SSH - NOPE
- Weed Pickers x10, IC
- Garfiled calls SSH - NOPE
- Windmills x10, IC
- Garfield calls SSH - NOPE
- SunGods, forward and reverse, OYO

The Thang: Introduce the mystery guests to the pax. Pick them up and mosey to the stairs leading to the upper level.

Partner BLIMPS - 1 partner takes his baby to the stop of the stairs and back down while the other partner does the exercise AMRAP. Every pax makes 6 trips on the stairs and completes all 6 exercises.
- Burpees
- Lunges
- Imperial Walkers
- Merkins
- Plank Jacks
- Squats

Grab the babies, mosey to the warm blanket of the Paragon field.

Quarter Pounder with Cheese
- Starting on the Goal line; Each Pax OYO.
- Bear Crawl while dragging baby to the 25 yd line, then 25 Merkins. Run backwards to the goal line, forward to the baby at the 25yd line.
- Bear Crawl to the 50 yd line with the baby, then 50 squats. Run backwards to the goal line, forward to the baby at the 50.
- Bear Crawl to the 75 yd line with the baby, then 75 mountain climbers Kodiak Count. Run Backwards to the goal line, forward to the baby at the 75.
- Bear Crawl to the 100 yd/goalline with the baby, then 100 SSH (FINALLY some SSH). Run Backwards to the goal line, forward to the baby.
- Pick up the Six and get some Flutters in....

There's time left for 1 more with the babies. Everyone's favorite. GREEN Sally Up!
This is the longest 3.5 minutes (it feels like 15). Hold the baby, try not to rest on the knees. Get down when the song says down, hold it, and get up when it's time to get up. This one is great for mumblechatter and killing the mumblechatter at the same time.

COT: Praise for Thrashers recovery. Prayers for Wiggum and his M as they lovingly discuss whether or not to have another child. YHC is trying to remember to implement the 'prayers for the 6 man' in the COT. This is a great way to encourage the pax to share life.

Naked Man Moleskin: Google Green Sally Up (not bring sally up). Great history there. YHC has not been so excited to Q as this for one. The Sandbabies bring a new level of focus and pain to the beatdown and it highlights the FUN of working together against an obstacle. F3 is where we gather daily and weekly to work together to fight through the obstacles of this world. It starts with fighting the fartsack and then we carve through the days with the strength of each other, learning to love like the Father loves us.

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