YHC 1 year F3 anniversary where it all started for me with remake of the first beatdown I posted at Q’d by Lawdog… this time with rain.

Dates: 2019-10-16

Where: clinic

QIC: Trill

Number of Pax: 14

Pax Names: Gut Check, Exile, Brad Pitt, Turtle Head, Squirtel, Sgt. Slaughter, Homer, Foosball, NesQuik, Brady Bunch, Office Party, Lawdog, Saluki, Trill

Warm-O-Rama: Mosey to Aquatic center parking lot
Weed Pickers IC (spread um real good)
Willie Mays IC (side lunge)
Michael Phelps IC (it really works in cadence as Lawdog says as much as I just couldn't see it til I tried it)
Sun Gods OYO

The Thang: -PArtner up on bottom of side walk hill, merkins while your partner runs up hill and does 5 burpees at top, and runs back down, switch with partner. 2nd round amrap squats while partner runs up the hill for 5 burpees.
-11's on the grass hill, 10 lunges at the bottom run up 1 american hammer at top run back down 9 lunges and 2 hammers at top and so on until 1 lunge 10 hammers both exercises Kodiak count.
-mosey to grass by gazebo, Burley jacks, burpee then air press 1:4 ratio: 1 burpee 4 air presses 2 burpees (if the Q doesn't screw it up) 8 air presses and so on until 7 burpees and 28 air presses
-needed to get back down the amphitheater so... raccoon crawl of course every wall
-to the stage for 10 jackass merkins together. 1 merkin plus donkey kick on wall = one rep.
-mary at the flag: Sgt SLaughter led GO (run in place) Front (merkins) BACK (flutter kicks), Lawdog with some J-lo's, Exile with..... suckfest (six inches, 45 degrees 90 degrees, flutter kick, leg raise, 45 degrees, 90 degrees, 6 inches feet never touch the ground again. Foosball with monkey humpers

COT: -6th man Sgt Slaughter (actually a Captain in the army), doesn't like talking in front of people but does it anyway, recently moved into a badass house, him and the M working on expansion... of the family.
-announcements galore; FIA / F3 2.0 trick or trunk convergence Saturday, Moving somebody with Gut Check Saturday, Attack on Kennesaw Mountain run in November, lights of hobgood volunteer in December.
-prayers for F3 men, their families, marriages, and strength through adversity, compression for others.
-another announcement, Bloodhounds dad camp coming up

Naked Man Moleskin: -a lot of good stuff / events to do mentioned above, seek the details
-goods time in rain, loved the rain, came down real good on the grass hill doing 11's
-reflecting on my first post today was good times, great seeing Lawdog back out there adding the chatter!
-the events of today were based on true story, some things slightly different with some add-ons, Gut Check did not disappear to restrooms and never returned this time, I think he just went in his pants during monkey humpers, he had something wet and squishy going on he said.
-T-claps to Saluki for holding down the count while YHC was gasping for air (holy burley jack)
-T-claps to Brady Bunch for taking the highest point of the grass hill for the 11's.
-if anyone wants to know exactly what Exile called for his mary exercise please ask him to call it again for you but only if i'm not present.
-jackass merkins are tricky when wet
-Ok now I have to select all squares that apply and prove I'm not a robot.

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