We ran.

Dates: 4-15-19

Where: wicked_witch

QIC: HomeBoy

Number of Pax: 12

Pax Names: Gandhi, Kif, Geppetto, LD, Pandhandle, The Mole, HB, Westside, Garf, Legionnaire, Odd Job, and Dixie Chick

Warm-O-Rama: Run

The Thang: We ran. We stopped every once and a while to do burpees, merkins, Annie's, BBS, LBC's, flutter kicks, mountain climbers and more burpees.

COT: Please pray for Legionnaire's friend and his daughter who has a brain tumor.
Pray for Odd Job's friend.
Thrasher had a great race to raise money for sarcoma, exceeded his fundraising goal and ran a great pace.
Pray for Silverado's M. Cool story from Garf on how Huckleberry's girlfriend and Silverado's M is seeing the same doctor for their battle against cancer.
Sign up for the GrowRuck. You will regret it if you don't!

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