Smaller crowd at Phoenix for an impromptu Q from YHC. Turns out, 3 is a perfect number for the pain in store.

Dates: 2019-11-21

Where: phoenix

QIC: Panhandle

Number of Pax: 3

Pax Names: Woody, Geppetto, Panhandle

Warm-O-Rama: Bataan Death March (2 rounds) - last pax drops and does 5 burpees, then runs to catch the others

The Thang: Ascending Curb Crawls - found curbs about 35 yds apart. Do 1 Derkin off curb, bear crawl to other side, 2 Derkins, bear crawl back, 3 Derkins and so on up to 13. It sucked... Began holding derkin plank for the 6 at round 6.
Bataan Death March (backwards run)
ATMs - 3 rounds of Alternating Shoulder taps (15), Tempo (copperhead) Merkins (10), Merkins (10)
Bataan Death March (backwards run)
Burpee Mountain - PAX 1 stays at top of the mountain and does burpees until PAX 2 and 3 run down mountain, then back up backwards 2x. Really depressing to hear their return and know you have to continue for 1 more round.
Indian Run with coupons (rocks) 2x up said mountain, alternating rocks above your head and then cradled

COT: Prayers for Aquaman and family with decision coming up
Prayers for Woody's friend, needing parenting wisdom
Prayers for YHC and a decision I am working through as well

Naked Man Moleskin: Nothing better than finishing a beatdown early enough to grab breakfast for the family on the way home and arrive as they are waking up.
Smaller groups are a lot of fun in many ways, chief among them is the easy bond that forms and chatter that ensues during the beatdown.
I was gassed after the ATMs (don't judge that last Merkin form), but always find some new life with a transitional exercise and the promise of more pain.
The Ascending Curb Crawls were not original, YHC had done them at Blacktop before at someone else's Q. But those curbs were only a few feet apart. 35 yds plus just does.
One of the few beatdowns that YHC suggested we sit on the ground for CoT before standing to pray out. The mountain broke us haha.

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