Brisk morning, a strong breeze, burpicides and Easy Mountain at The Happy Jack.

Dates: 2019-11-14

Where: happy_jack


Number of Pax: 5

Pax Names: Manning, TitleMax, LawDog, Hombre, C4 (and Cody and Casey)

Warm-O-Rama: With the wind as it was, we needed to get warm quick. Good mosey around the LAX fields and back to the concessions hut, hoping to get a break from the wind.

10 weed pickers
10 Imperial Walkers

Mosey back to the LAX field sidelines.

The Thang: Burpicides

For some reasons these suck the air of out you quickly, and combined with the icy breeze, the lungs were burning well and good. Burpicides are also a great way to make sure LawDog stays quiet (SYLD!).

Normally THJ PAX conducts only two sets of these babies, 1-2-3-4-5 in between sprints across the LAX fields, and then 2-4-6-8-10, before moving on to some other routine. But to make this an extra special morning, after round two, we moseyed around the LAX field and created the faux impression we were moving on, only to stop at the opposite sideline and conduct round three, going where no Happy Jack has gone before, 3-6-9-12-15. So yes, this one went up to Three. The mix of burpees also gives the false impression the PAX hadn't covered much ground, as LawDog acknowledged during COT, but after the burpicides we were already almost two miles in.

In sum, 90 burpees with sprints across two miles to start the morning. Lovely.

Next we mosey to the base of Easy Mountain for some Elevens -- up Easy Mountain with Reverse LBCs, down Easy Mountain for some Copperhead Squats. Time was getting short, and we were already 3.5 miles or so in, and so the PAX only made it to 7-4 on the Elevens.

Hustle back to the Flag, a final sprint and strut in front of the ladies the last 100 yards (way to push it Manning), and then a set of 3 Full Happy Jacks.

Powerful Joy. Three and three quarter miles completed.

COT: Prayers for LawDog's Father in Law, who has been experiencing a form of chronic pain, and prayers for TitleMax's father and ongoing recovery, and good wishes for his upcoming year and some professional growth/opportunity as motivation.

Naked Man Moleskin: Looks like This Saturday there will be some help needed with Xmas lights at Veterans, some time following the beatdown in the morning, and be sure to look up and support Woody's chili cook-off and fundraiser Saturday afternoon.

Special thanks to Hombre this morning for keep it positive and enthusiastic given the climate, and finishing with some extra jubilant Happy Jacks! And take care of that knee, TitleMax.

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