Gone to the wild side…

Dates: 2019-10-14

Where: apex

QIC: Brady Bunch

Number of Pax: 11

Pax Names: Brady Bunch, Exile, Brad Pitt, Bauer, Chancellor, Geek Squad, Yukon Cornelius, Ditka, Scamper, Depends, Snot Rocket

Warm-O-Rama: We did a short mosey, side-straddle hops, weed pickers and squats. just a little to get the blood flowing. needed to save all the energy for the Thang!

The Thang: we did a zoo themed workout. it was a little wild seeing grown men imitate animal movements! The parking lot had 4 stations, each station had 2 animal movements, one for one lap and the second for the next lap, and running to each station. Rinse and repeat.

Lap 1: we started with a Raccoon Crawl along a block wall that seemed to get longer the further along you went. Then running to station 2 we were met with the Alligator Crawl. A nice warm 6 parking space length which gave a nice little burn to the hammys. A little run to #3 which was 25 Frog Squats - those little green boogers turned that little hammy burn into some glowing embers! The run to station 4 slowed to a quick jog as out legs were getting tired of the zoo. #4 was the Bear Crawl/Crawl Bear, up a slight incline. 4 was unique in that we crawled up 3 parking spaces then crawled backwards 1 space for a total of 9 spaces. Then it was back to station #1

Lap 2: we left the raccoon on the wall and found a bunny to hop along with for the same distance. If those cute little fur balls could hop along all day, so could we - grown strong men and all... Not really. Some of those bunnies need to be shot! I think it was about 6 miles, or 60 feet. Either way, it hurt. (side note: Bunny Hops SUCK!!) For some of us the run to #2 became an agonizing speed walk. Similar to the Alligator, we did the Crouching Tiger (there weren't any Hidden Dragons fortunately)- sounds majestic and glorious, right?!? Well we were some crippled tigers stalking only the finish line. The Crouching Tiger is similar to the alligator except your body is low to the ground and on elbows. #3 was a yummy Bear/Crab Roll. You can't find these on the sushi bar! This exercise starts in the bear position then you roll to the left to the crab position and again once more to the bear - that was 1. Then you roll to the right - bear, crab, bear that's 2. After 20 reps we were all rolled up and ready to mosey to #4. Similar to #4 of Lap 1, except we did the crab walk up 3 spaces and back 1 for a total of 9 spaces.

Back to the start to do it all again!! Yay! Lots of cheering and shouts of joy going on at this point!

At 6:10 we circled up for some ab-cruciating ab exercises. A beautiful way to end the morning!

COT: We shared an announcement for a Color Run coming up at Liberty Elementary. And also some praises and prayer requests for marriages, jobs and house sales.

Naked Man Moleskin: This was my VQ - glad to have it out of the way! I learned a lot about organizing a workout and forgot a lot of the things I meant/was supposed to do. I have missed the last couple weeks with the F3 dudes, and it was great to get back in the pain of things! I appreciate the encouragement to step up and take this Q. And I hope I didn't botch this BB too bad.

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